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Does you story have an alternative Equestria? An entirely different world or plane of existence? Maybe magic has declined or even vanished altogether from the planet, or perhaps a species or several are extinct in your story, and suddenly start popping up again? Or maybe they just stay dead....

Anyhow, this group is for you! Even if you don't have a story to post here (Which I hope you do!), anybody who enjoys alternative Equestrian landscapes, what it may have been like if X thing were to happen, or adventures into unknown lands, all are welcome here! Stories with humans are allowed too!

Rules are simple: USE YOUR BLOODY COMMON SENSE! That means, for you ignorant numbskulls too stupid to realise what this means is that just simply follow the site rules, be nice, have fun, all le good stuff! And be sure that what you post in this group is relevant to exploration, fish-out-of-water scenarios, etc.

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I can't believe how fast this group is growing! I love all the stories you guys are adding to this! Thank you!

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