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I loved this. There was a lot of great character you wrote into Rose here, and the way you worked in the little box was something I was pleasantly surprised with. There's a little bit of Rose in all of us.

I'm happy you decided to write your story today rather than tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing this calm little contemplation... a delightful little mood piece. Your prose is quite nice.

I was gonna comment but then Fofs stole all the words I wanted to use D:

Great little piece mate!

Thanks very much for the kind words! It's definitely a story with a little bit of personal history to it, and everything from the writing to the publishing felt extremely cathartic - like finally getting to do something I was convinced I couldn't do. So, I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Much the same to you, Fourths. Hearing that you appreciated my little blurb feels really awesome.

Love ya too, Cas! Thanks for putting up with me when I was fidgeting about trying to figure out if I should actually publish it or not.

A story written about not being able to write, ironic in nature, but ultimately true. A tale of stagnation, of self-depreciation but not without the drive to do better, to do more. I think anyone who aspires to be something in this world sits back at night and has fears that they will achieve nothing, doubts about themselves and their own ability, because at the end of the day, we are our own worst critics, and worst enemies. Part of being a creator is being hard on yourself, and I think that's our main drive to do better; it just so happens that a side effect of this is doubt.

Stagnation. The fearful question--is this all I'll ever be? The answer is no, but doubt and worry says yes.

This story is relatable in the most uncomfortable of ways, because it makes you think, but that isn't a bad thing. I think there's a little bit of Roseluck in all of us, because if there wasn't, we wouldn't be here... right?

That is very true! Also that's definitely why I started to write this little story - that idea that I'd never actually be able to write a good story. In a way, it was like exorcising an old demon, the one that tells you you can't do this. The one that's invariably go from "you can't write, you're not a writer" to "this was just a fluke" now that I actually did something.

Anyways, yes. Thanks for the comment!

A morose, yet pleasurable reading experience. It is unfortunately very relatable. Know, Roseluck, that you are not alone. There are many, many people who grapple with such an emotion. Separately, of course, but together in spirit. Solidarity.

Thank your for sharing your work.

Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to write something about the frustration of not being able to write, so seeing that it's relatable to people is both neat and not, if that makes sense.

She wished so badly to write about beautiful worlds, great love stories, dashing princes in armor. If she was not to be a princess, then she would write about them. Alas, she was a florist, not a writer; in spite of her feverish attempts, nothing that she did would come out right, or sound remotely as good as what an actual writer might make.

This story gives me the shivers.

Great little story here, Sinrar.

Very glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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