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Sunburst has a plan to improve the frozen north, but Celestia likes it just the way it is.

This story is written for the Noble Jury's third monthly writing contest thingie, with the previous writing contest winner, alamais, giving the prompt, [The Frozen North].

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

Well. That was something. Most certainly. An amusing something.

Fun story, but there were several grammatical errors in this. You may want to have someone proofread next time

Celestia’s really petty.

It wasn't hard for her to doge them, she could see them coming from far off.

Love it

Thanks for the advice man, I will most definitely do that next time. Glad you thought it was fun anyways.

Sounds like I didn't totally waste your time. This is a good thing.

oof ouch my bones.


It’s good.

Quite amusing.


So Celestia doomed the world to never experience warmth ever again, and was happy.

Accurate. :trollestia:

What the hell did I just read? XD

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