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Heeeeeeeere's Story! · 9:42pm Apr 25th, 2014

Maybe without all the axe murder though.

My Google Drive is a regular Library of Broken Thoughts, and I recently found another unfinished story to Frankenstein. So, expect that to be up within the next few days or so.

- Me, April 7th

Yeah, so that didn't happen. Oh well.

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The Skirtsposium

The Cold Mountain

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Eh. I like having recognition, but I think having too much can be just as bad as having too little.


Oh, no problem at all. I have to say, I plowed through about 70 thousand words in one go, and when I surfaced to take a breath, I saw the view count and like/dislike ratio: those numbers are absolutely criminal for the amount of effort and craftsmanship on display in High Castle. It's a travesty, I say, an unrivaled travesty! :raritydespair:

Thanks for fav'in Mare in the High Castle!

We have pretty similar taste. Shortskirts is my favorite fanfic author, and All the Mortal Remains and The Contest are two of my favorite stories, plus Naked Singularity is one of the stories that got me into Fimfiction and The Glass Blower and Salvation are both in my Read Later.

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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