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Just some Beach Boys-loving idiot with a fascination of cartoon ponies, tokusatsu, and troping.


The Elements of Ilvermorny: The (Hu)Mane Eight - Character Profiles · 3:10pm Oct 20th, 2020

So, following up on the announcement of The Elements of Ilvermorny (something that's been in the works for a while), I've decided to create a post detailing the character profiles of the main cast; a basic rundown of their personalities, their houses*, blood statuses (something I find an unfortunate and oftentimes problematic element in the Harry Potter series, admittedly, but it's a necessary evil that is used to deliver the series' anti-prejudice message), and wand types + wand cores. So

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I went and listened to his album "Fun". Interesting stuff. Very off the wall.


Brian's actually a big influence on me, along with more...out there artists like Daniel Johnston.


Our Prayer is absolutely beautiful, and had Smile been released in '67, would have made a fantastic opener.

Also, here's a cool song Pet Sounds-esque song you might like by the Wondermints, the group that became Brian's backing band:

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