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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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More to Come! · 2:40am January 16th

Well folks, here's one of my very few blog posts. For those of you who are actually reading the whole Ranchtown series from beginning to end (as listed here!) , you'll know that we just celebrated the first marriage in Ranchtown history with Pearl Necklace and Death Metal. The wedding starts in Layers of Death Metal:

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Calico64 #18 · Monday · · ·

You'd be surprised how often it happens. :)

It's not you, your stories are awesome. Great job on the last one, btw. It's just that, I mean...what was this guy thinking, man?

Dude, I have had so much weirder requests, it's normal, I promise. Please, read some of my work, if you would. See what you think for yourself :)

What the fuck?

a bit of proof for you, old chap

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