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What I would do differently · 5:59am Jan 1st, 2021

As my main account announced, the Shooting stars fic is done and cancelled. And in it's place is something new. At the same time, a certain writer released season 10 of starfleet. and that got me thinking...what would I do differently.

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The cut version takes out the songs and the sex scenes.

Whats the difference between the cut and uncut version of your fanfic Fall of Starfleet Rebirth of Friendship?

Thanks for adding A Nightmare in Eidolon to your favorites! Don't forget to leave a like and a comment :twilightsmile:

I wonder how you'll write Copy-Cat in End of Hatred, Beginning of Hope, if he does show up. But, if he doesn't show up, that's fine, too. He's kinda boring.

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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