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Once upon a time, there were two friends who ran a farrier shop in Canterlot. The oldest fed the forge and used his earth pony magic to produce strong steel shoes, which the younger enchanted with his powerful unicorn magic. They worked together in harmony, creating beautiful shoes for all who visited until one day they met a young mare in their local bar. She was a mysterious creature, overstressed by her job in the palace and needing the company of two friends far more than she realized.

Until one night, when her sister returned during the Summer Sun Festival…

Created as a Collaborative work between Georg and Tek, who made all the good parts.
Editor: Snaproll

Cover art Horseshoe and Rose by public domain clipart, edited in Paint3D
Now featured on Equestria Daily

Chapters (12)
Comments ( 435 )

And so it begins. The story of two brothers and a mysterious mare as they make their way through the years, enduring what life throws at them and growing in the process.

Credit for the whole thing belongs to Tek, who has been tirelessly editing for me, a tidy job much like a janitor at a slaughterhouse. He requested that I do a story about a farrier, which I'll admit I had never thought of before, and he gave me about a half-dozen ideas on where to go with it. Then about a dozen more. Over the course of about a year or so, we hashed out the approach and general ending, sketched an outline (Yes, I can do outlines, if held hostage and my arms are twisted), and worked through a dozen chapters. It could have gone thirty or forty if we had gone on, but the Schwerpunkt of the story is around Chapter 10, and the rest is to tie up the loose ends and put a pretty bow on it.


FYI: For those of you who want more backstory into the story build process, as well as how we (or more properly, Snaproll) came up with a name, check out the blog post on Silver Shoes

Ah, farriers. Steady employment in Equedtria, that's for sure.


I almost wonder if Sunspot isn't Celestia in disguise important in her own right. I notice she didn't slip up and have to buy a round


Until one night, when her sister returned during the Summer Sun Festival…

Between that and the eyebrow-raising lack of an OC tag despite our notional focus characters, I'd take the spoiler-tagged thing as a given and I haven't even read the fic yet.

I do very much like this set up! Can’t wait for next chapter

Oh yeah, she's definitely not Celestia. And I'm sure she won't bring her sister in some time. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Several months later, he was pleasantly surprised. But that is a different story. Or at least a different chapter.

Ehhhhhhh, that was a bit too meta for my taste.

"Will Hammer strike while the iron's hot to claim his fair lady?! Will Pirouette put the final nail in the coffin of Nails' advances?! Can Sunspot spot Hammer's growing affections?! Tune in next time to find out! Same Pony time, same Pony channel!"

🎼da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da PONIES!!!🎼

Anywho, this is a really great start. As always, the writing flowed very smoothly and naturally. You have a real knack for "real," if that makes any sense. Also, you have a tendency to make me have to Google words. Never heard of a stevedore before. Heh, with how ponies are named sort of on-the-nose, that should have been the drunk's name, Steve Dore! :pinkiecrazy:

Looking forward to more!

Making your way in the world today takes everything you got
Taking a break from all your troubles would surely help alot
Wouldn't you like to get Away...

Clearly, we are to be double-tricked and she's not actually Celestia.

Good chapter :)

This was a fun, breezy read... I’m Looking forward to seeing how this evolves! I’m also curious about the time frame of it all, especially as it pertains to the entrances of the tagged characters.

10036808 10036865 It’s certainly heavily implied by the synopsis...

And if things at the bar did get nasty, spending nearly every day at the forge since he was a foal had given Hammer enough strength that he was extraordinarily careful about punching or kicking anypony who seemed fragile.

I get the impression that Hammer's the sort of pony who could go into a boxing ring and immediately knock-out his opponent with one punch, if he was so inclined. :rainbowlaugh:

“In your mind,” said Hammer. “Speaking of small objects…”

Oh, that's a good burn, the kind that can easily be overlooked until you think about it, and by then it's too late. :trixieshiftleft:

That we saw--she might've slipped up during that brief summary of their night at the end of the chapter and it simply wasn't mentioned. But otherwise I agree. Not that the fic's really trying to hide it.

...though it would make for a fun twist if the story actually doesn't go in that direction and subverts expectations instead... :trixieshiftright:

This looks like it's gonna be good.

Don't hold back!


No angry karaoke-ranting about their jobs?

Ah, I was looking forward to this. Verra nice so far, can't wait for the next installment!

‘violet eyes to die for’

Elizabeth Taylor?

Eh, needs more death metal.

I’m certainly intrigued. Though really those stevedores are lucky Hammer was there. Otherwise I shudder to think what would have happened to them. Kebabs up the nostrils.

Spot being pink is yet another hint isn’t it.

And yeah, it’s obvious she badly needed that break.

It’s really impressive how she just knows their names right off. Celestia AND her government really do care for all her little ponies.

three friends relaxed in the magical land of Away with kabobs and just enough beers to keep the next morning from being too painful.

You have captured the spirit of Alan Alda in Nails.

10037782 Actually, I was aiming more for Cheers. (title intro included for the children who don't know of this epic series)

10037749 Pretty sure pretty pink pony would have mopped the floor with the drunken goons, then politely paid Stout and went home, having worked her frustrations out in a socially acceptable fashion for the next few months.
10037665 Oh, much closer.
10037241 Only her hairdresser knows for certain.
10037076 It was tough to indicate what section of the 'verse it was supposed to live in this chapter, but next chapter...

“It’s been… busy.” The smile faded from Sunspot’s face, then came back with reinforcements in the form of dimples. “You should have seen the way Twilight passed her entrance exam. Hatched the dragon’s egg, actually grew him up through the ceiling, turned her parents into potted plants, and sent the teachers flying through the air. She’s going to be the most powerful student in the school since… well, she’s going to do great things in her life. I just know it.”

10036985 (see above)
10037075 10036906 Or triple-tricked and she's actually... Ok, I'm lost.
10036930 It's fair to knock the reader out of their 'bubble' with fourth-wall breaking at the beginning or ending of a chapter, because that spot is where they have to surface anyway.
10036899 Gonna have to wait until tomorrow. Twelve chapters, one a day. (because I quit publishing as I type)
10036895 Hi, I'm Georg. Recognize me?
10036865 Or maybe it *is* Twist.
10036808 Naaa. Would I do that?

This was more enthralling for a first chapter than I expected! Bravo! I hope you write more.


I guess so, but it just felt a bit jarring, because it didn't match the tone of the rest of the story.

Like... okay, remember that scene in Spaceballs where Colonel Sanders lays out the plot, then Darth Helmet looks at the camera and says, "Everybody got that?!" Now imagine that... in The Godfather. I can totally see it in a story that's a more wacky, screwball comedy, but this appears to be a more heartfelt, thought-provoking story.

Iunno, like I said, I really enjoyed the story and am eager for more, but that little bit just didn't work for me. But then, I'm just some random asshole in a brown hat, so feel free to ignore me. :twilightsmile:

Also, apropros of nothing at all, when Golden Hammer went to intimidate the drunks, I flashed back to that scene in The Abyss, when Jammer holds up his fist to Hippy and says, "You see this? They used to call this 'The Hammer'..."

To further elucidate my point, it's not that you said, "But that's a story for another time." It that you specifically said, "for another chapter." This means the story is aware its a story, and that level of self-awareness just didn't feel organic to the story.

There is no limit to how many bluffs we can have :P

Whereas that takes my mind here:

(And now I can only think that is no way to talk about Applejack’s mom...)


Nathan Fillion and NPH? Whatever movie this is, it is obviously the greatest movie ever.

There’s only one mare who uses the size 4xl shoes, but it’s a bad idea to bring that up in a conversation with her. You may get stepped on.

“Please don’t tell Princess Celestia! I didn’t mean to make the enchantment blow up, but I wanted to see what he was doing and I was tracing along with the Stemwinder’s Strenuous Stride runes when he moved to the Hawthorne’s Hefty Countercharm and our magics got mixed up and everything—

Twilight, if you really want to be a wizard, you've got to stop doing things like that. Passive examination only, until you've got total control of your magic. Mage sight is a wonderful spell, learn it.

“Princess Celestia wants her to have the finest shoes available. Cost is no object.”

Well that's good, because custom always costs.

Silver Nails normally worked fast, even though the job was about quality, not a race.

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

And I suppose the one stallion that uses them is Troubleshoes

So their work includes being a shoe sales clerk, a cobbler and a podiatrist? Fascinating.

Filly Twilight remains a delight to read about (if perhaps a bit trying for those with a job to do.). The idea that she blew off all of her horseshoes in her test is a clever “in” to the tale, and the guard appearance at the end was an unexpected bonus. I love this time period of the show in Canterlot especially, as we have so many favorites coming together (and I appreciated the reference to a certain student’s departure...).

Sunspot seems to be contemplating letting loose a bit and pursuing a romance, which is a bit of a surprise with the theories about who she actually is, but then she would deserve a little happiness, and I suppose this of all days would have her being hopeful for the future.

That would be Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, a web-based supervillain musical done by Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and (Pear Butter/Buttercup voice actor) Felicia Day back during the Hollywood writer’s strike. There has always been hope that they’d do a sequel , but schedules have never allowed it.

Okay, this Twilight is frigging adorable. And I love the two main characters!
*adds to follow list*

She’s going to be the most powerful student in the school since… well, she’s going to do great things in her life.

"I remember Sunset Shimmer, Miss Sunspot. She bit."

I wonder if Sunspot's niece had any impact on her decision to take a chance.

Keep Twilight entertained and informed until she’s shod

"Same thing, really."

Always fun to see Twilight when she was an adorable little firecracker. (These days, she's more of a reactor. More consistent output, though still prone to the occassional meltdown.) Though I imagine she will go through a ludicrous number of grounding shoes, and just because of growth spurts. At least Spot will have reasons to visit the smithy.

Looking forward to more.

This one perchance

Comment by Twilight when seeing Fluttershys mother for the first time

“...Is that a pegasus or a bulldozer?”

 "I'm Barricade, of the Canterlot Royal Guard."

From Mothers
by KnightMysterio

A farrier is not so much someone who makes horse shoes as it is someone who specializes in horse hooves. They make shoes, apply shoes, inspect hooves, repair damage where they can, trim them, shape them, diagnose abnormal conditions and, when the situation calls for it, make determinations about what kind of corrective shoes and treatments are needed.

Whoo, filly Twilight enters the story, such an adorable ball of mayhem.

“I give her a week,” said Nails unexpectedly. “Max.”

Probably a safe bet, Nails.

I'm farily sure you mean, and NOT just because of growth spurts.

Vi-o-let Eyes! They're watchin' you!
They see your eeeeeeevryyyyy mooooove...
-Excerpt from Violet Eyes by Haulin' Oats

Those generic thaumopedic jobs are disasters waiting to happen.”

*snerk* God, I love me some magi-technobabble nonsense. Whenever someone needs to label a magical macguffin, they just slap on "thaumatic" or "thaum-" to it. Not complaining. I do the exact same thing. Just funny to me is all.

Also, I like how you kept having Hammer describe Sunspot's eyes as "dangerous." Really gives an insight into his feelings on romance and pursuing a relationship. Like Vincent Vega once said, "It's the little things."

Lol, adorable Twilight is adorable

Sunspot well I'm old the cutie mark matches as well.
A Gen1 pony well that's interesting.

10038713 Would you believe it was a total coincidence?
10037903 Oh, I've written a lot so far and still going.

You don't know of Dr Horrible? it's a good one

Easy there Icarus.

Little Twilight is going full on Elephant Child. Drawing circles she has to keep her hooves in, and closing loopholes... both annoying and endearing at once.

Wonder how Twilight is going to react when she realizes just who took her shoe shopping after the test.

Also, students literally blowing their shoes off is hilarious and feels like a serious concern.

Just in general I love how grounded you’ve gotten this to feel. Like it’s actually a forge where difficult work that could literally explode going on. And they’re busy. That helps sell how it’s a big deal Twilight needs gold band shoes: the experts are impressed.

10038797 Then there's the Dr. Horrible voice-over MLP clip video.

With Sombra as Bad Horse.

Honestly, that is one crossover that would work great.

With Starlight Glimmer as the titular Dr. Horsible and her time-travel spell-powered 'freeze ray'.

Filly Twilight EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :rainbowkiss:

10038930 She'll soon graduate up to rhodium shoes! :pinkiegasp:

But then Starlight shows up needing UNOBTANIUM SHOES!! Because she's TEH BESTEST EVAR!! :trollestia:

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