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A writer. I try to write at least... Video games are REALLY distracting though...and work...and life...Eh. Well if you have time go ahead and give my stuff a chance ^~^ I'm a pretty nice person


Changelings aren't liked. They have no close ties. They can't. No one will risk it.

Chrysalis spends most of her time looking at the lives others lead through their social media posts.

She didn't mean to feel anything as she looked at her, but she did.

Chapters (2)
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Chrysi as phone stalker. Least it doesn’t go to Bjork levels.

She's uhh. Kinda going out to steal her life. At least that's the implication.

The Bjork guy was convinced that it was true love and sent a mailbomb intending to drink poison so that they would have a lovers suicide.

I can.........actually sympathize with Chrysalis on this. (Sort of.)
Good story. Get's a like from me.


I absolutely love this. Are there any plans for a sequel or are you going to keep this as a one-shot?

I mean. I'm sure Cady will squeal when she finds Chrysalis in her bedroom.


In all seriousness I've been thinking about it.

Yeah. It's a more human sort of situation.

As someone who hasn't posted in social media in years and accepted the human conditions I gotta say, I can actually sympathize this

Honestly I've been thinking of it but not sure how much I can do.

Maybe have her make a fake account? And cadence discovers it? Or have a clone of the royal wedding but it's just with her daily life?

Nah. I didn't want to do step two sorta sequel. If I was to do one I'd rather do one after she fails from Cadence's perspective

This thing you have wrought.
Well done, well done.

Chrysalis didn't have any of the things that Cadenza did. The family, friends or lover. The things that gave other ponies lives meaning. What did Chrysalis have? A dark, dank apartment and a job that paid barely enough?

Man, this is brutally depressing.

Yup. Supposed to explain why she would go off such a deep end.

Chrysalis is basically a Doomer lol

Damn, I'm not big fan of Chrysalis but this makes me feel kinda bad for her. kinda wish I could find more stories along the lines of this one.

Eh. Kinda. Not fully. It's just her life.

Glad you felt that way. Means I did something right.

I admit, it's the fic pic that caught my attention, its beautiful.
And this fic did not disappoint.
It handled this all so well in such a short space, making Chrysalis feel so relatable even if she's living a more extreme problem than most--I loved that you still had aspects of her being a changeling, and having to wear a special ring so people could almost trust her.
The ending doesn't sound like its leading anywhere good... maybe she'll become friends with Cadence? That'd be nice.
Unlikely, but nice.
Great one-shot!

Is the completion tag correct, or do you plan to write more? I’m interested to see how our favorite little parasite takes control.

Yeah. That pic is what catches most people. It's what caught my eye and made me write this so I totally understand XD.

Yeah, I kinda had the idea that in a society like what is briefly shown through the picture, hiding isn't a thing anymore. Everyone knows what the changelings are. What they do. How to identify them. There are no more queens, no more hives. They keep to themselves and get rid of family as soon as possible. Wouldn't want anyone thinking they were trying to create a hive right?

and yeah. Nothing good.

It is but I might write a thing from Cadence's point of view after she fails. I have no plans to do a full story though. If I do I'll stick it to this one. No reason to separate them.

But that's if I DO write it, which is a maybe.

Wow, you ain't kidding when this was a drama! This was quite a powerful slice of life fic here and I loved it! It was just so passionate in how it was written and how Chrysalis's emotions were conveyed! This was pure enjoyment right here! Hope ya didn't mind, but I made a little reading on it! It was too good to pass up on!

Audio Lornker!: https://youtu.be/jnnAJCyjxu4

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Eeeeey. Thank ya much for enjoying it ^~^

and the reading of course!

This is too promising to leave like this.

Sounds like someone who wanted a "Romeo and Juliet romance" and then somehow kept wanting it after they actually saw the play. (It's not kinkshaming when the other party is both unwilling and a real person)

Yeah I can honestly say I’ve never understood why Romeo and Juliet is seen as anything other than a tragedy of hormones and bad impulse decisions.

Again, it's seen as that by anyone who actually saw it. That's just a tiny minority who's annoyed by how pop culture has remembered it but forgotten the point.


Short but sweet. I do hope that someday you add to this. Nothing too extravagant, but just to show that maybe this Chrysalis was able to find some happiness of her own.

If I do it'll be a thing of it's own. This little thing here is done. Thanks for the kind words though ^~^

You dont have to do something if you don't want to.

It's chill. It's something that pops up in my head too. So they're not the only ones. It's mostly a matter of motivation.

Desire. Obsession. False Hope. Nothing left. Giving Up.
Trying Anyway. Get So Far.
Failed. Punished.
Reminded you are nothing, will always be nothing.
You don't deserve to be her. Why would you? You're no one but who you try to be. But you can't be them. Ever. You're not them. Why try? You're not you. You are no one.
Why do you even exist?

Because you are someone. Even if you never got the chance to be that someone. I'm sorry you tried to be me. Sorry that I was the only thing you could think to be. But I can't be what you are. You have to be you.

I'm nothing. I can't be anything. I can't be you. I can't be me. I'm nothing.

No, you're not. You're you. You just need to find yourself.

... how?

I don't know... but... maybe I can help?


Because you deserve to live. You deserve to be someone. To be yourself.

... okay.

Hmm. Not too bad. It's not too far off from how they'd act. Though I don't see my Chryssi being so easy to get to agree. At least not so quickly.

Still. Not bad at all! ^~^

Just let a moment of inspiration carry me. Which I'm sure is what made you want to write this in the first place. Yay for chaining inspirations. :twilightsmile:

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