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Twilight Sparkle of Equestria is brave, confident, a capable leader, a powerful wizard, and a princess.

Twilight Sparkle of Earth is none of those things.

So why would an absolute goddess like Sunset Shimmer be interested in her? Because they look similar and share the same name? Because the real Twilight is off in Equestria? That must be it. She's just a placeholder. A low grade knockoff of what Sunset really wants. And sooner or later, she'll end up disappointed. They all will.

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Such a lovely story, and exactly how I'd expect Sci-Twi (or even Princess Twi) to react to the unknown or subconscious fears

Nice, but with one missed opportunity. When Twilight was talking about the decline of her relationship with Timber, I was just waiting for

"of course the Princess would never do anything like that. If she ever dumped a guy - which she probably wouldn't - she'd at least do it properly to his face, not just stop calling until he got the message. She'd probably even manage to stay friends with him."

Or words to that effect, ay least. But they never came...

Oh Twiggles, you are such an adorable, neurotic mess. And we all love you for it. As does Sunset. And now, she's going to do her best to show you just how much she loves you.

Thank you for the morning SciSet. It was a lovely treat to wake up to.

Okay, that was totally adorable



"of course the Princess would never do anything like that. If she ever dumped a guy - which she probably wouldn't - she'd at least do it properly to his face, not just stop calling until he got the message. She'd probably even manage to stay friends with him."

Poor Flash.

A bit short, but damn if you didn't pack in a ton of emotion.

Short but sweet. Kind of surprised nobody's done this sort of thing yet. (As far as I know.)

Heart of Loyalty may be over, but it is heartening to see you'll be sticking around for some time, yet.

So after finally finishing Heart of Loyalty, I found myself with leftover shipping energy.

Good good, let the shipping flow through you😈
- Darth Cadance (or whatever pun you want to make this work)

The first time I touched it, I turned into a monster. That never would have happened to her.

*cough cough* Hoo boy...

Wonderful example of how knowing your more prestigious interdimensional counterpart can turn impostor syndrome up to eleven. Good balance of fluff and emotional turmoil. Thank you for it.

I know there's plenty of insecure, self-hating SciTwi out there. In fact got onto this kick because I finally visited my Read Later section and read The Nightmare I Need, but as far as I know, nobody's yet addressed the meta-text of her character literally being created as a stand-in for someone else.

Such a huge and oftentimes relatable combination of low self-esteem and imposter syndrome. Really good read.

Congratulations, Sunset and Twilight!

Now, may we have a moment of silence for Timber Spruce.


"A ways back, well...I'd be lying if I said I hadn't developed the slightest bit of a crush on Princess Twilight, after I got over wanting to kill her that is. Or if I said I didn't still find her attractive."

Yep, that is a lot of anime-romances in a nutshell.

But seriously, this is quite a painful story.

The main problem for me is that Sunset never explained what exactly she likes about Twilight, so Twilight just accepting that Sunset loves her is something I find unbelievable.

This ironically is the OPPOSITE of the problem I keep imaging Princess Twilight having. Of her feeling like she's been REPLACED by her friends on Earth!


Not really. Pony Twilight's life and duties will always remain in the land of Equestria. Her interests in the human world are secondary, as she has increasingly delegated the management of the magic there to Sunset and her friends.

I always kind of wondered about that too.

The first and second movie were all about Twilight making friends with the humane 5. It's not like they were just acquaintances. Twilight was willing to be stranded on Earth forever to protect them, and they were willing to sacrifice themselves for her. Then Rainbow Rocks has them go all "I'm going to miss you. This isn't goodbye, I'll be back".

Then a new Twilight comes along and they just don't need her anymore. That would have to hurt on some level, seeing someone just take your place like that.

I can't believe this isn't something I've considered before! It's a really good premise. Unfortunately I feel like this is one of those cases where the shipping kinda drags it down. I feel like it could have had more impact if Twilights insecurities had revolved around more then just Sunset.

Sunset and the rest of her friends might not consider Sci-Twi a stand in for Pony Twi, but too bad hasbro did.

Best... best thing. Wow, I’m really at a loss of words here. I love it.

A small part of me could sort of see her as a stand-in for Twilight but, to be honest, Sci Twi is just as different to Twilight as she is similar and that alone makes her someone who can stand as Twilight's equal as a character.

To me, she's no substitute for Twilight just as Twilight is no substitute for Sci Twi, both are equally good characters.

Is it bad? No. Do I think that the Human Twilight might have some serious self doubt when it comes to her identity and where she fits in with everyone? Absolutely. Now, here's the big gigantic question. Do I like this ship? Unfortunately I'm on the boat that is kind of Meh when it comes to Sunset with any of the main characters from the show. I know, I know... But here's the thing. I'm willing to give it a try. I'm willing to see if a story will invest me enough to dismiss my preconceived notions, and will make me support the possible relationship.

There has been characters which have Pushed themselves, based solely on how they've been presented in Fanfiction, that I have cheered for their relationships wholly and completely.

Littlepip and Homage.

Blackjack and Morning Glory.

Stella Sabre and Fredrick Himmelreich.

Ditzy Hooves and Berry Punch.

and of course Princess Celestia with Baked Bean.

Those characters have pushed themselves into a place where I accept their relationship based on the complex and gripping world they are presented in. With Littlepip and Homage it's a world that's trying very hard to rebuild itself, and in truth Littlepip is very much a corrupted version of Fluttershy. She's kind, so very kind, and often she fails because of it.

Blackjack is... Well, There's no nice way to say what she is, but I am speaking the truth when I say that Morning Glory was written to be a perfect fit for her. The two of them compliment each other so well.

So, reading this I wanted to give it the same chance I have extended toward the other characters that I might not have been willing to give a chance to before. I was willing to see if there was honestly something there that shouted out to me. All in all, I feel the story is decent. It does dive into a very real place I think that Human Twilight falls into, but I think where it falls short is the same place that so many do. That is that the attraction feels almost hamfisted. Granted, it's a short piece, and I understand that it's going to be a little rushed, if for no other reason than to fit into the length it was given, but I feel that it could have been expanded on.

A serious hindrance of it is the use of First person. First Person is fantastic for giving just one side, and helping the reader to feel empathy with the character, but it excludes the fullness, and richness, of the entire tapestry. It leaves much blank. I myself have, and still do, write in first person. But when I want to fully explore a relationship I move into third, maybe close third, but third none the less. So, at this, I leave my final thoughts.

The story is a solid six out of ten. It could be a solid ten with ease, but in order for it to be so a few things would need to be addressed. Perhaps the point of view, or at least taking more time to lead up to the relationship. Regardless, you have earned a follow because I have seen talent in this.

Thank you,



Personally, I don't see it. It was really because that Sunset and the others start solving problems themselves which was why they didn't need Princess Twilight anymore. Even if Sci-Twi didn't stick around after the Friendship Games, same thing would have happened.

Now fans might see Sci-Twi as a stand-in for Princess Twilight, and the writers more or less do, but as for the characters themselves, I don't see it.

It's not about how the characters see it.
It's about how it looks.

If a group of friends you thought you had a real bond with just up and found another you, and she went on to take every role you used to play, that's going cause some havoc for your emotions and self esteem. At least it logically should.

It's something to think about with how Twilight never comes back after Sci-Twi comes into the picture, despite Rainbow Rocks very firmly establishing that she wants to spend more time with the humane 5, regardless of magical threats.


I see your points. But going by what the show has shown, Princess Twilight wasn't affected that way, or if she was, it was off-screen and she later got over it, given her attitude when she saw Sci-Twi in pony form. If there was some kind of resentment, it would have shown in some way. Tough to say if she really was affected like that, or how much it was. Then there's the fact that she could have simply visited off-screen.

Fuel for headcannons I guess.

If you're looking for a story to sell and explore this particular ship, there's definitely better choices. That wasn't really the aim here, and it's kind of just assumed that the reader is onboard for it. That's because the ship is really more a vehicle for getting into SciTwi's insecurities.

And I did struggle between going with first person or my usual biased third person, where objective descriptions get polluted by the subjectivity of the viewpoint character. I decided on first because I wanted to crank up that bias and subjectivity and make things one sided. That and I've only ever written one other fic in first person and felt like mixing it up.

Well, I mean yeah. We're on a fanfiction site.

Headcanon kind of goes with the territory.
Of course the real reason Sci-Twi completely replaced Twilight was because of marketing, but that doesn't mean we can't use some imagination.

For instance, it always seemed to me that on the two occasions Twilight interacted with Sci-Twi she didn't really seem all that comfortable around her. That can easily be explained by the fact that meeting yourself is just weird, but it's not much fun to write about.


Thanks for stating your point. I hope that I didn't come off as pompous, or overly rude. That wasn't the intent. I'm just used to discussing material a critical manner, much like I did in creative writing. I always welcomed the criticism. Mainly because it helped me to become a better writer, and it also helped shape me into a much better reader as well. That said, the way it was presented, I could tell that the intended audience was those who preferred the Sunset + Twilight ship. It makes sense that it would be for those folks.

My previous notes are still unchanged, but I do appreciate when an author comes back to explain their intent. And being able to have a cordial discussion is always a plus. I've been in other fandoms that simply stating that one did not overly like another's ship was essentially fighting words. Entire replies of pure and unadulterated hate would be sent back. That is one thing I love about this fandom. Even when most of us don't agree we smile, and simply say, "You know what, that's cool. You like what you like, and I applaud that you are able to express that."

It also helps when you like so many competing ships simultaneously that it's hard to get overly invested in one enough for someone else not liking it to be seen as a personal attack. I'm usually down for whatever ship someone else is into.

Except Flashlight. I never get tired of Flash being the fandom punching bag.:trollestia:


I'm eh about Flash Sentry. Honestly, I think that Hasbro could have done more with his character. Instead he was more of a place holder. Now, if the story is decent, and they proceed to fill in a lot of blanks that Hasbro left on him, I can tolerate Flash and Twilight. But the story needs to be pretty decent. Also, please, feel free to critique any of my work you come across.



I wish more people would write about Sci-Twi's feelings of inadequacy compared to Princess Twilight. It's a great opportunity for character development.

I ... Dibbity fucking D'aww

Really enjoy stories involving this

Nice, and an interesting twist to the Sun-light pairing. Good job!

No matter how often I lie awake at night fantasizing about it. Holding hands as we walk home from school together. Lazy Sundays together playing videogames and watching bad movies. Her hot breath on my neck as her hands slide up under my shirt and–

Twilight, I'm appalled!

Hand holding. Truly the deepest form of degeneracy.

I know, right!?!

Some lovely hurt/comfort relationship fluff with my favorite MLP couple, with very good Sci-Twi first-person narration. :twilightsmile:

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