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Now witness the power of this filly armed and operational battlestation.


Must be willing to work with (ID GROUP: CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS) to attain MEMENTOS OF FUN

Pic credit goes to Starbat.

WARNING: And we'll have FUN FUN FUN till ol' Gallus takes the circuits awaaaay....

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Everybody gangsta till Sweetie starts talking Binary

so she murdered the CMC and unstoned Cozy Glow?

That Beach Boys reference alone is worth favoriting

Only took their Cuite Marks - so fate worse than death, really.

Hoo, this was one hell of a ride, Vis! From the beginning of the story to the twist at the end, you excellently maintained that uneasiness that comes with mystifying stories! I loved how you used Sweetie Bot as a means of an untrustworthy narrator, one that views the world through distorted lenses. And... oh my, that twist at the end. I loved that twist, Vis! This was a chilling read! Good job!


Good to know I satisfied. I ,know how cookie-cutter the ending was before when it was Luster Dawn instead of Gallus investigating at the end. Know to do my homework on that part was pretty great, and lend quite a bit toward the feature-winning tale you see before you.

Again, thank you so much for everything.

Does this have anything to do with the webcomic of the same title?

No, I don't think so.

I read the story, but... i don’t get it.

That last line was a gosh darn WHAMMY

Ah yeah I remember this one. Very dark and intriguing, lot of concepts that can be built upon. Interesting stuff.

LMAO I’m not commenting on the prompt fics for the sake of being able to read quickly to not miss the deadline, but I just had to comment on this because the whiplash I got was intense. I totally forgot that this was, like, dark. I was reading this with a :D face, yknow, wow Sweetie Bot is kind of cute! Yay! Aw fun levels are to the max! (side note, I had Sweetie’s Big Race on loop in my head the entire time pfft)

And then the white text came and I think I suffered terminal whiplash. I might be dead now.

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