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Released from Tartarus, Cozy Glow now spends her days doing community service to make up for her past crimes. However, in your troubles, she discovered something...something that may reveal a fate worse than even Hell itself...bad writing. Could this really be the ending of the end? Or is it just the beginning of the ending of the ending of the end?

Written for the Cozy Glow Short Story Contest

Prompt: Cozy's got a secret!

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Well... that's certainly one way of dealing with it.

I liked this the writing was good. Though every story read of Cozy Glow. Its very clear that everyone gives no shits about putting a child even a so called evil one in literal hell. Because Hell is for kids?

It was written well thank you for sharing such Great product. Have a good day.

If you wish to contest my summary of pony hell for kids. You can PM me.

Fun little story. Really implementing Pinkie’s 4th wall breaks. Took me a while to recognize this was after the season 8th finale rather than season 9, but interesting nevertheless.

Gratuitous soapboxing. As a neutral party, watching the characters repetitively parrot "this story sucks lol" was not entertaining.

If you want to deconstruct the finale, by all means, but I'd have preferred a mallet and chisel over a full-on wrecking ball.

This is the only kind of story Cozy Glow will get from the fandom.

This is probably my favourite story to come out of the contest. It shows very well how Cozy Glow should have been handled. Great story, I wish the show did something similar instead of the travesty that we got.

That's really nice of you to say. I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. I had a lot of fun writing it...for the most part. I completely agree, as well. This is much closer to how Cozy Glow's character should have been handled in the first place. As disturbing as it was to have the heroes literally send her to Hell, if the writers had at least followed up on it with a similar concept, they could have salvaged the rest of the series. Instead they doubled down on it, and some how managed to create an even more cruel ending for her character.

I've been saying the same thing for the past year now. It still boggles my mind how anything in the writing staff could have approved of that trainwreck of a finale.

While I can’t disagree with this analogy, however, it is kinda pointless to bring a wrecking ball to an already destroyed building. In fact, we’d probably need a couple of bulldozers to clean up the mess the writers have left us with.

For better or worse, I would assume.

On the contrary, actually. As far as I’m concerned, it was the writers who had taken a wrecking ball to the series. If anything, I’m just doing some much needed home repairs.

That being said, if you do feel as though the series finale is not as bad as myself or others have made it out to be, I’d be more than interested in having a perfectly fine and rational conversation discussing it. Would you be interested?

Thanks. Originally, Pinkie’s 4th wall breaks were going to be even more heavily connected to the plot, but I ended up scraping it in the final draft. I tend to like how that turned out, as well. The fact the story is in this kinda grey area as to what happened in season 8, and what may have happened in season 9.

Thank you very much. It is quite bizarre how many people, including the actual writing staff of the show, don’t even consider just how disturbing it is to have the heroes just toss a child, or even anyone into Hell. The fact that the characters are perfectly fine with it, and don’t even so much as give it a second thought, is what’s really messed up.

Also, sure, I’ll be more than interested in discussing more about pony Hell for kids. The very fact that this is even a topic for MLP really shows how far this show has fallen.

That it is. A pretty decent way of dealing with it, if you ask me.

Well, I have taken a similar approach to certain episodes in the past, I suppose...

Such a lovely story, I like this ending.

Oh my gosh, senpai noticed me! Hey Vito, I was hoping you would comment on my story. First, let me say, I really love all the artwork you’ve done with Cozy Glow. Those pictures made witnessing that travesty of a finale all the more bearable. Even a year later, I still find that ending to be one of the most insufferable moments in any TV show or movie I've ever seen. It’s baffling how they managed to screw up a show that horribly.

I’m so glad that you enjoy the story, and I’m hoping this might be the start of making more Cozy Glow related stories. With all the hate she’s constantly receiving from a lot of this fandom, it’s only fair that she gets as much recognition as she can.

Sometimes that’s all we can do. It sucks when the actual writers fail at doing justice to the story or characters. Fans shouldn’t have to rewrite their work in order to make it even remotely decent.

It's gonna happen sometimes - besides problems being more obvious in hindsight, there are a lot more fans and they don't have any of the limitations the writers work under.

I was disatisfied with Cozy's fate in both seasons, but on the other hand, I loved a lot of her other writing. Frenemies almost makes her whole Season 9 arc worth it... and I was never too keen on seeing her reformed, anyway.

Yes, I understand that problems occur through time constraints and studio meddling. I’m actually quite forgiven when it comes to bad writing among many of my favorite franchises. There’s been numerous issues that fans have had with this series that I have been very forgiven towards, including the likes of Twilicorn or Starlight’s reformation. Stuff like that didn’t bother me...at least back then. However, there comes a point in a franchise when the writing gets so bad, that even the most optimistic fans can no longer defend it. Above everything else, that would be the series finale.

In this case, the problem isn’t any kind of behind the scenes drama, it’s simply just the writers didn’t care. People like Josh Harper and Jim Miller, have made it bluntly clear from their own mouths that they were only interested in making a quick buck, and had no desire to do otherwise.

I agree, Frenemies is a great episode. It’s one of the best episodes of the entire series. However, the finale not only makes Frenemies completely pointless, but also proves just how needlessly cruel their fates were, when all three of them could have easily been reformed if any of the heroes just simply tried to help them. That was not a last minute change either. The writers deliberately set up the villains to be more interesting, likable, and sympathetic than the actual heroes, only to then have them get screwed over completely...and we as the audience are supposed to be happy about that?

Most fans, including myself, didn't want them to be reformed, and there were many alternate ways to go about their characters without having to reform them. But having the heroes turn them to stone, and basically torture them for all eternality, is not only revolting on so many levels, it effectively makes the heroes look worse than the actual villains by comparison. It’s simply bad writing, and I refuse to support it.

Yeah, the quality kind of broke down in Season 9 for me too - but Frenemies was an exception. However, I didn't necessarily see it as a precursor to redemption - indeed, that it would be worried me. Rather, showing that they could be fun characters to watch even without redemption.

And yes, ideally one should be able to both love a good villain and cheer their well-deserved downfall. Obviously, though, that didn't quite work out.

People like Josh Harper and Jim Miller, have made it bluntly clear from their own mouths that they were only interested in making a quick buck, and had no desire to do otherwise.


Thanks, I'll definitely create more pics.

Even a year later, I still find that ending to be one of the most insufferable moments in any TV show or movie I've ever seen.

It was simply sickening and should never be shown to kids, nor to fans. I'm glad to see so many fixfics being written, which means people are AWARE the finale was pure crap.

Thank you very much.

That’s great to hear. Any characters in particular you plan on having Cozy interact with? I’m glad you did get around to having her paired with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. They were two characters I really liked, that were also screwed over by the writers.

It truly was disgusting, and in my opinion, it was the absolute worst finale of any cartoon, and that’s saying a lot with how many terrible finales there are. It’s nice that there are many fans who are trying to undo the ending, though. Unfortunately, at least for me personally, there’s no going back after that. As much as I used to enjoy MLP: FiM, even at its worst, that finale was so bad, it had effectively killed any appreciation that I previously had. Outside of Cozy Glow, I don’t particularly care for this show anymore. She's literally the only reason I cared enough to participate in this contest.

It was definitely setting them up for redemption, and it’s the only time in the series that they managed to do it correctly. Regardless, even if they didn’t intend on reforming them, you can’t just spend so much time humanizing villains, only to then have them suffer such a cruel fate. Even beyond Frenemies, the entire season was heavily focused on getting to know them as something more than just villains.

That’s nearly every story in the history of fiction. Having a compelling villain, and a satisfying downfall is in the bare basics of writing overall. However, if the villains are unironically more likable and fleshed out then the heroes, and not just because they’re entertaining, then that’s a sure sign that the writers had failed at writing even the most basic good vs. evil storyline.

Well, it comes down to how they respond to criticism, how they react to fans, and just how they regard the show as a whole. Jim Miller in particular is a horrible person in general. You can probably still find some of his comments on his Twitter account, or on other sites, though, you may have to search around a bit.

>Outside of Cozy Glow, I don’t particularly care for this show anymore. She's literally the only reason I cared enough to participate in this contest.
Same for me. I don't care if mane6 are old, if Twilight looks like a goose or not, they don't matter anymore.

As for a pic, I wanted to make another Golly + Flurry thing, I don't know when I'll finish this one though.


That’s nearly every story in the history of fiction. Having a compelling villain, and a satisfying downfall is in the bare basics of writing overall. However, if the villains are unironically more likable and fleshed out then the heroes, and not just because they’re entertaining, then that’s a sure sign that the writers had failed at writing even the most basic good vs. evil storyline.

Indeed. However, I suspect that was not the intention - for a long time the Mane Six were beloved heroines, and even now there are still those who feel that way. For such popular, well-characterised protagonists to triumph over even well-realised villains is no failure.

As for Frenemies and redemption... it could have gone either way, especially with them feeling it at the end and rejecting it. But I do think it's potential (and their level of screentime) was ultimately wasted by featuring them as mere obstacles.

And absent evidence I think i'll extend the benefit of the doubt - just because the results aren't what you or I would like doesn't mean they weren't intended to be quality work.

Yes, but the Mane Six that the fans originally loved, much like the show itself, were primarily from the earlier seasons. As the show moved forward, between flanderization, and a general lack of consistency, those once beloved characters had become hollow parodies of themselves. This is particularly noticeable with Twilight, who barely even resembles her original character. By season 9, the only characters who managed to have any sort of depth to them were Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow.

If there’s one thing that Frenemies showed is that they had potential to be reformed, and all they really needed was a push in the right direction. You know what the real irony with those three is that neither Starlight nor Discord, or any of the villains for that matter, showed no remorse prior to someone actually trying to reform them. These three, however, managed to almost get there on their own, which says a lot more about them then it does about the other reformed villains.

Well, my friend, feel free to believe whatever it is you wish to believe. However, I will point out that not getting what one wants is a weak excuse, when the bad writing speaks for itself. There was an obvious lack of care, and the majority of the episodes prove that without a doubt.

It’s unfortunate, though. I used to really like these characters. Rarity in particular was easily one of my favorite characters of all time. Although, to be fair, her character was probably the least affected by the bad writing surrounding the show. She’s the only character who’s episodes remained mostly consistent overall.

That sounds nice. I’ve actually been warming up a lot to the whole concept of Cozy Glow and Flurry Heart becoming friends. Another idea, if you're interested, could be having a pic with Spitfire, or any of the Wonderbolts. Cozy Glow trying on a Wonderbolt uniform would be adorable.

Yes, that could be part of the problem - although even if the heroes depth was reduced, I don't think those three had much to begin with.

And I don't know if any of them are iredeemable per se, but IMO it would he both very hard and narratively unnescessary.

Someone can care about their work without being that good at it.

And I have given some thought to playing Cozy off Flurry as well, as some kind of twisted bad example aunt.

They’re not that fleshed out, indeed. Which just goes to show you how one-note the Mane 6 had become, seeing how they used to be actual three dimensional characters. Separately, Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow are generally underdeveloped. However, as the Legion of Doom, they’re some of the best written characters in the whole series. It’s funny how that works.

On the contrary, actually. I personally feel these three would have been much easier to reform than someone like Discord. Also, if you're going to reform nearly every villain in the series, then it is narratively necessary. If you're going to give them character growth, and even set up a story arc involving them discovering friendship in one another, then it is definitely necessary. Don’t include a storyline, if you have no intent on giving it a satisfying conclusion.

True, but that would apply more to someone like Meghan McCarthy than Josh Haber. A lot of her decisions were also very hit and miss. In fact, she was incharge at the time when the show more or less jumped the shark. However, even looking back on those seasons, there was definitely still heart put into them...just not as much thought. There’s a reason why fans are more favorable towards seasons four and five over seasons eight and nine.

Despite these two never once interacting in the entire show, there does seem to be some kind of connection between the two of them. I particularly like the scenario of an older Flurry Heart meeting an unstoned Cozy Glow, that of which hasn’t aged in years. Flurry Hearts strikes me as someone who would try to make up for the failures of the former princesses.

The crux of the issue involving Cozy Glow is an apparent lack of solid motivation behind her actions or rationale to explain why she reached the conclusion of villainy as justification for her actions. That all fell on the writers who decided to pull a Rian Johnson on us and make a flimsy villain for the sake of shock value for Season 8, and Season 9 simply finished the job of character assassination of what could have been an interesting storyline that attempted to delve into the past of Cozy Glow and explain why exactly Celestia felt it needed to send her to Tartarus without anyone questioning it, or who exactly were her parents.

Those who frequent on Derpibooru and read some of my comments will have a clear picture of what I believe Cozy Glow's Origin is, and a compelling motive behind why she is a villain in the first place...


“Ahh...this is not helping. Okay, let’s forget where they came from for a moment, we still need to figure out what this Series Finale even is.”

Uh, Damn it

Comment posted by secury deleted Apr 13th, 2021

I really do not get why they could not just go to Tirek and help him too. I was around thirteen when i first watched Twilight's Kingdom (i am twenty now) and ever since i always tought sooner or later there will be an episode where they visit Tirek and try to reform him, just like with Discord. It was understandable why they did not visit Chrysalis because no one knew where she is. Ending Of The End is so cringeworthy i could not force myself to rewatch it.

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