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Now witness the power of this filly armed and operational battlestation.


It is a peculiar thing how the cold makes equals of all creatures - even though already hardened by the fires of their fury. How its twinkling tapestry makes all life that breaks through its bitter chill all the more beautiful. Perhaps this icy inroad will help turn Tempest back from her Equestria-eradicating mission before it is too late.

And if not, maybe it will show her another who can break through her hardened heart. If only for a while.

This fic was a tied first-place winner of the Quills and Sofas Poetry Slam Contest. Thanks to Shaslan, Red Parade, Master-Thief, _TGAPT_ and DTP for reviewing.

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And yet, for once, that same simplicity that let Tempest see the fear budding in the yak’s movements also told her that Yona was too… straightforward to lie. It was something almost mystical to her, fascinating in this otherwise silent clearing.

Well to be honest in the future she will be the element of honesty

Yona snorted. “Yona knows. It is why Yona does focus on this. Easy for ponies to expect all-access fittings for ponies. Yaks, however…” An irritated roll of Yona’s eyes, and Tempest found herself wanting to rest a hoof on her shoulders. “Easy to be overlooked. Stuck in mountains, snowy all day long - what would yaks know of marrying fashion and function?”

Oh yeah that's right if I remember correctly in season 9 finale Yona did want to become a fashion designer so that's what she's working with Rarity alongside with her future friend sandbar

Oh wow this is a pretty interesting story so this is before the event of the My Little Pony movie 2017 comes around because she's on her way to Canterlot to prepare attack there and she was about to rest until a young Yak named Yona saw her and not in fear but actually in curiosity and she doesn't want to give this young Yak any trouble because she looks like she's a kid but she didn't want her to ruin the plan so she decided to help her despite her judgment and somehow yona was not afraid of her she just talks to her like any other ponies or creatures and she even have a dream that maybe someday she'll become a fashion designer not just for a yaks but other creatures and with that fizzle pop told her to be safe because knowing to the fact what's going to happen in the movie she didn't want to see Yona to get hurt and she understood before fizzle pop head back she told her real name that's basically a sign of trust from her and she's going to be waiting for the attack and we all know what's going to happen but this was a pretty good story of these two and I really like that keep all the good work

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