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This story is a sequel to Reformation... It's a Pony Thing

Tempest Shadow vs. Princess Luna... on Nightmare Night. Who's the scariest of them all? Who will win ponies' hearts as the true Queen of the Night?

A light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek battle of wills, and a celebration of one of the best holidays of the year.

Note: This story is set between Seasons 7 and 8, and makes use of the Tempest Shadow AU established in Reformation... It's a Pony Thing. (However, this story provides the necessary background, so it can also be read on its own.)

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Comments ( 13 )

Well that sure was a great story . Even if I know that it wouldn't happen , I do wonder how epic the fight would have been if it had been real , my counter would probably explode . Kudos to you anyway !

Looking up, everyone could see, descending through the air towards Ponyville from Canterlot Mountain, a vast horde of nightmares. Their eyes gleamed, their teeth were bared. And at the head of the phalanx, leading the charge, was a pink-maned yellow pegasus with bat-like wings and gleaming red eyes. She shrieked a vicious battle-cry as the army descended.
"Oh, lordy," Applejack muttered, staring up at her. "You had to go and wake up Flutterbat, didn't ya? Gonna be hours getting her de-programmed again!"

...I dunno which is better, best pony teaming up with best Princess, or the hilarity of Applejack making a comment on Flutterbat's return.

So, did they ever deprogram Flutterbat?

It's Nightmare Night, and I was referencing so many other transformational villains, I couldn't resist giving Flutterbat a very brief cameo, too...

What's this? A battle between my two most favorite antagonists in the entire show?

I'M IN!!!

Ri2 #6 · Nov 1st, 2019 · · 1 ·

It's a good thing the game was called on account of Pipsqueak or Tempest totally would have won.

Excellent work!!!

Well placed words, not a moment of distracted pause, a power rollercoaster launched; then not a second without loops, rolls and twists...

Until Pip, and the calm as the car comes back into the station...

The bar goes up, but you sit still, remembering every part, every path you took to get back here...and wishing you could see and feel it all again as you did the first time...

Now that is the kind of feedback I wrote this story hoping for. It was totally intended as a wild, tongue-in-cheek ride. Thanks ever so much!

Not bad bad could have been better.

It's the end of February and only now am I reading the story that's celebrating Halloween. ...Well better late than never I suppose? :twilightsheepish:

I had a lot of fun reading this! The instant that Luna took Tempest's statement as a challenge, I knew that this was gonna go to so some outrageous places. And I was right! :yay: There was some great escalation in the way that Tempest and Luna kept going at it (although I must admit, a personal favorite of mine was seeing Tempest dismiss Nightmare Moon's threat and just drop off her candy offering - there are few things that'd get under Luna's skin more than having a performance dismissed like that; I was torn between laughing and sucking in a breath at that!) A real joy in particular was seeing Trixie and Starlight's contribution to the evening. And then there's Flutterbat. XD

Aaaand then came the bit with Pipsqueak. I was wondering if/when the point of "too far" would come, and it was very nicely done. And then came the conclusion, which was just wonderful in so many ways. :pinkiesmile: This really made my morning and my only regret is that it took me this long to finally read it!

Hi, S-C, and thanks so much for reading and commenting on this! I had a lot of fun myself, planning and writing it. I wanted to do something original and fun for Nightmare Night, and Tempest and Luna / NMM are two of my favorite characters. They're pretty well-matched in both determination and resources, so the chance of showing them striking sparks from each other was too good to pass up. And there's also a bit of a torch-passing here, given that Luna and Celestia ultimately head into retirement. But I always intended this to be a simple "what if" wild ride, and I'm really glad it works so well for you.

Thanks again!

Not going to lie, kind of want a story where the bit about Chrysalis is true.

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