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On Hearth's Warming Eve, Rarity almost finishes her annual cleanup after a busy holiday season running her boutique. Though, a desperate knock on the door in the early hours quickly put her plans on hold. Standing in the aftermath of a hefty snowfall is none other than Twilight Sparkle, the newest citizen to Ponyville but one that Rarity had quickly become friends with. (As well as being an Element of Harmony with!)

Though the mare looked perturbed, almost edgy and very uneasy, which was not a normal look for Twilight. She was quiet, almost hesitant to even be there asking for help with something. No matter, there was nothing a warm beverage and a bit of one on one chatting couldn't solve! Especially on Hearth's Warming Eve!

Written for Lopunny for Jinglemas 2021!

Hope you enjoy this short, but kind of touching (if not cliché) holiday story between a couple of good friends. May you have a happy, safe, and most importantly, meaningful holiday season! Until next time! :twilightsmile:

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Oh, I LOVE a good unicorn-Twi story! She's genuinely just so different personality wise from Twilight in later seasons, and you did a pretty good job at capturing that! It's so very in character for her to have that freakout over her first Hearth's Warming away from home, or from Spike's list being something she can't really use. I love this fic so much! Thank you!

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