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Now witness the power of this filly armed and operational battlestation.


“But! I figured, since you were in a school too-”

“That I nearly burned down-

“-And then saved from another me, that you could help me get past this little hurdle!”

Thanks to Nitro Indigo, PearlescenT, and ScopingLandscape for reviewing/editing.

WARNING: Some may wonder why Twilight didn't just call up Sci-Twi. Well I won't lie to you... see you next FIMFic!

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“Even for my tastes, though, this really isn't a challenge. In fact Hoity; that question is so easy, so simple to answer…”

Sunset’s hoof aimed right at Twilight Sparkle.

“That I’m going to let my traveling buddy do it for me.”

So, this was all a lead up to an anecdote from Einstein's Chauffeur?


Some things are just that timeless, yes.

I mean, tying a squirrel to a megaphone probably made sense to Dave because Dave is insane...


Spearhead driving through the walls of the castle really ties the whole thing together, though I do appreciate the timeless punchline. It's very rare that I see a story do everything it set out to do in a single kiloword, but you pulled it off here. Well done.

Ohhhh that is WICKED good! <3

Interesting story. I didn't see that ending coming. :rainbowlaugh: Nice work.


Well, I'm happy to satisfy. :twilightblush:


As only a Sunset-centric fic can be, yes!

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