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(She/Her) I write cute Luna fanfics, cute shipfics, and some other stories. I take requests, but not clopfics or NSFW. I might do grimdarks that aren't too graphic. Just DM me and I'll see!


This story is a sequel to Starlight Glimmer Tries a Dating App

The (hopefully) long-awaited sequel to Starlight Glimmer Tries a Dating App has arrived! Everybody's favorite reformed former cult-leading unicorn has returned to try Hoofder once again!

Oh yeah, and there's internet protests happening in the outside world of Equestria.

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Oh this made me remember those little minigame adds that tried to trick you into pressing accept. Good times.

Starlight, I think by this point you'll need to start lowering your standars if you want to have a date.

was screaming like a lunatic because her son saw a picture of two unmarried ponies holding hands on the internet.

Don't know about you, but I'd be screaming like a lunatic too if I saw ponies with hands. :rainbowlaugh: Does that make me a Karen? :derpytongue2:

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