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Everyone knows our sister's story, how she once lived a sad life on a rock farm and ended up in Ponyville. But no one has ever asked what happened to her sisters. No one ever cared what became of them. We are here to fix that. We are here to tell you how we found something to be in a world much bigger and much more terrifying than we ever imagined.

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Great story :)
I always wanted to know more about Pinkie's sisters.

Awesome story, I'll be watching you. Can't help but wonder, but why does an admitted singer have a cello in a woodwinds delivery? I'm a cellist myself, and it confuses me.

Update please it's a good story :eeyup:

830194 Thank you very much! I know the whole "Inkie and octavia are the same pony!!!" thing has been done before but I'm hoping this will be something different.

830255 Whoops! I thought I caught all that in the editing process but apparently not. It's fixed now. Thank you for pointing it out!

830354 *salutes* Thank you!


I just want to point out some minor mistakes because this is a great story so far.
You spelled Octave as Ocatve three times and the sentence 'I would be for a long time' is incomplete.
But this is a favourite regardless!

I'll just ask you this: If the cover art itself proves that the only thing slightly reminiscent of Octavia in Inkie are her eyes, why insist on the "they are the same pony" thing?

830446 Oh my word! How did my spell check not catch that? It is so fired!!! Also, thank you!

830557 Trust me, I see that they'd don't look exactly alike, especially Blinkie. But it will all make sense as the story unfolds.

830812 Alright then. I shall follow this.

830820 Thanks for giving it a chance. :pinkiehappy:

“Then say I'm good for nothing! Speak English! The boat to your homeland sailed away long ago. Conform already!” translation "English Motherbucker Do You Speak It?!" :flutterrage: (No I'm not using buck to replace the f-word, I don't cuss) :eeyup:

Good story by the way and I'm guessing from the cover art that Blinkie becomes Photo Finish?

832753 I think that was my favorite line to write of this entire thing so far! Oooh, your guess is so close, and yet so far.

Do like!:pinkiehappy:
The concept is great, i can't wait to see how this all plays out. Fav'd and followed!:moustache:

Favorited! :rainbowkiss: And, plz continue. :pinkiehappy:

833045 Oh right now I see but Photo Finish appears in the character tags so she has something to do with this story, right? :unsuresweetie:

This completely captivated me! I love origin stories especially Vinyl and Octavia ones! So I'll be tracking this to see where it leads:twilightsmile:

834039 Really? Maybe it's not as popular a theory as I thought. Yay! She really is kind of cute, isn't she? Thank you!

834074 Thanks so much!

834484 *salutes* Workin on it!

835439 Yep, she'll actually be coming into play in the next update.

846557 Thank you thank you! :pinkiehappy:

I am so sorry for how late this update is you guys. :applecry:

I love this story!:pinkiehappy:

Yay new chapter!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Still loving this story, its got a great idea behind it, keep it up!:twilightsmile:


New chapter :pinkiehappy: Tealove brightens up the day!

It was absolutely worth the wait.

Awesome! This is a really good origin story :yay:
I love these new characters and will wait (im)patiently to see how this turns out for Blinkie! :raritywink:

I thought you were dead!:pinkiegasp:

1017831 Eeee, thank you for saying that!
1017981 Thank you so much! Hopefully the wait for the next chapter won't be as long this time. >_<
1018008 :heart:
1018062 You're too kind.
1018320 I have good things...I have things in store! More good than bad, promise.
1020221 Nah, just dealing with some health issues.

1018320 It's really good and yet really sad! :pinkiesad2:

Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuussssssssss! :rainbowkiss:

Enjoyment. This story has filled me with it.

Well deserved :yay:

1102306 *bows* Thank you!

A little darker than I'm usually into but an interesting take on Pinkie's sisters. I've seen one or two with the whole Inkie/Octavia thing but this is the 1st time I've seen someone use that for Blinkie. Nice choice of one of Photo Finish's entourage as Blinkie's future self, haven't read a story yet that uses that group.:coolphoto:
Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.:moustache:

So Glissando became Vinyl Scratch, wow who'd have thought? :trixieshiftright:

Also I feel bad for Octavia, she's all alone now and although she's realized what her special talent is she's unsure of where to go, hopefully Octavia didn't hang around that music shop for too long. :fluttershysad:

You may have some Derpys for your good work

The fic lives! :pinkiehappy:
Nice to see Vinyl's origins but that ending was seriously depressing dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Vinyl_sad.png
They better met back up in later chapters :raritywink:

1688771 I was hoping that would be a bit of a surprise! Things will pick up for her eventually. Don't worry.
1688883 Why thank you!
1689168 It does! I went back and reread everything and felt inspired again. So yay for that! Aw, I'm sorry I depressed you. But it will end well, I promise!


Amazing, stellar work yet again Tealove. The final scene was the best. Losing her friend affected her more than getting her cutie mark.
I think the start of the sentence You make you who you are needs a quotation mark. I liked that conversation.

So happy to see a new chapter of that story!
Great work! :pinkiesmile:

Sad to see that this was cancelled.

Finally, someone makes a brilliantly written story of my origins and myself. It is a shame that it was cancelled. More hugs and Medals for you.:pinkiesad2:

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