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Death of conversation


Vinyl Scratch has to make an important decision. Octavia is there for her.

Much thanks to Dubs Rewatcher and fourths.

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I'm probably missing something here, from what I can tell it looks like vinyl is just overreacting to Octavia leaving, but there's probably something more.

good fic nonetheless.


I'm not sure what this means at all, to be honest.

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I've added a clarifying line towards the end, in the third-to-last paragraph. It might still be unclear, but it's as much as I'm willing to divulge without outright explaining to the reader.

Damn, that last sentence was powerful.

8103220 I think the third-to-last, as well as the last, paragraph makes it clear enough.

This was short, ye sweet. Insta fave. Though, to be fair, I would probably add more information, since what we get is pretty barebones. Like, making it clearer that Octavia is leaving due to a family affair that likely includes a dying father.[/spolier] At least, that's what I got out of the story. I could be completely wrong, and if I am, it would help if you added something to clear that up for other readers. I would also like it if you were to give us a bit of Octavia's take on things, and whether or not their's is a parting that could be considered a break-up, or if it's just a temporary deal while Octavia sorts out her family affairs

Here's hoping there's more to this story :pinkiehappy:


Yeah, things are very clear to me now. Rest in Peace Octavia. Rest in Peace...

I'll admit. I thought it could have been either one of them who died. It wasn't until the last paragraph and that last sentence that everything click.
R.I.P Octavia :fluttercry:

imI thought I understood, but if Octavia is ill pry than who tore the blanket off? It seems like Octavia either died or just left a lot of stuff behind.


I hadn't caught that before. I'm not sure you had to change it. I was pretty tired when I read it the first time.

I think I'll save reading this for when I can afford to be more depressed.

Good work, man.


this is... One of the strongest depictions of depression I've seen executed in such a short story.

I, honestly don't think I can put into words the way this story hit me.

Dwelling on the past can be a terrible thing. Octavia is gone, and Vinyl was at a dangerous crossroad. Thankfully, by my understanding, Vinyl managed start the healing process by the end and accept that Octavia's gone.
Vinyl still has a long road ahead of her, as it's just the beginning, but being surrounded by her friends and Octavia's family leaves me hopeful for her future — funerals are for the living after all.

"For to be stuck in the past is no better than to be paralyzed by the future."

Love this line. To me, it sums core message of the story in a single line.

I think I'm going to start crying

EDIT: Nvm. Author's Notes, dammit.

Fuck man. Just pounded my gut into the dirt and I love it.

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