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Death of conversation


In her pursuit of the Cluster, a lone unicorn finds a town that has been ravaged. As she searches the remains, she discovers that hope can be found in even the most dire of circumstances.

Recommended to read in the Ultra Dark color scheme.

Much thanks to RedSquirrel456.

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Oh wow...

This was...

Just wow, man.

~Skeeter The Lurker

The world ain't in black and white.

Recommended to read in the Dark color scheme.

I never read in anything else, dear :raritywink:

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Not really sure what's going on though. Cluster killed everything, yes. Still can't figure out what she found.

Pretty damn good read man. Got me right here *taps chest*

3980264 Based on the colours, I would guess perhaps the elements, though really it's meant to be a make up what you think would save them.

The train parts were a nice touch. Well done as always.

Clearly somethings gone horribly wrong, but that was most all that I came away from this with.

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