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Vinyl Scratch has to make an important decision. Octavia is there for her.

Much thanks to Dubs Rewatcher and fourths.

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Rarity has something important to tell Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash is nervous.
Dedicated to fourths.

Cover art inspired by this idea and drawn by the fantastic zaponator.

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Lyra has always thought that humans are real, or were. When something crashes in the Everfree, she discovers that she is horribly right.

My entry for The More Most Dangerous Game contest.

Much thanks to Belligerent Sock.

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The spoken word is mightier than any weapon when the Mane Six square off against pirate skeletons.

Unfortunately, not everypony gets the idea of "good jokes."

Expanded version of a story written on a whim for the October Minific Writeoff.

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In her pursuit of the Cluster, a lone unicorn finds a town that has been ravaged. As she searches the remains, she discovers that hope can be found in even the most dire of circumstances.

Recommended to read in the Ultra Dark color scheme.

Much thanks to RedSquirrel456.

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I'm FloydienSlip, and these stories are junk. Mostly.

These are stories that I have started, but have not completed, nor will they ever be completed. These are a collection of (mostly) unrelated ideas that were either too difficult to write, rough drafts of published stories, or are the worst of what I have to offer you. They are unedited from their original state, so some parts may simply drop off.

These are stories I've written for Writeoff competitions, some of them too small to publish as individual stories of their own.

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Writer's Note: This story is not very good. It was my first foray into actual fiction. Don't read this.

Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. The closest of friends. The living embodiments of the Elements of Harmony. Together they defeated Nightmare Moon, Discord, and the changelings. They discovered the magic of friendship.

Recently, they have been practically isolated from one another. Each one of the Mane Six reflects on the personality and mindset of another. Will they become closer once more? And what exactly is Twilight's plan?

Lyrics are copyright Pink Floyd. Constructive criticism and feedback are humbly requested, as this is my first MLP fic.

Thanks are in order to my wonderful pre-readers: Regidar (Ch. 1), zaponator, and LonelyBrony (Ch. 4-6).

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