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That's the real reason I haven't updated in the last few months. The direction the show has been taking, as well as fatigue with being excited about something that, well, honestly isn't delivering the kind of quality it used to, on top of the show being almost seven years old is beginning to wear on me.

I'm remarkably indifferent to anything pony has up its sleeve, especially realizing that the first four episodes of the brand new season are A: Starlight focused or B: Oh look it's Flurry Heart and Maud the two most interesting characters ever come back to haunt us again I'm so glad they're doing that instead of something halfway decent.

Looks like hoping we'd get a Celestia episode really has been for naught all this time. Even if they come out with one in season freaking eight, I'll probably have stopped watching the show by then. I'm honestly more excited about things like Gumball or other shows bothering to stretch some creative muscle. Maybe I'll do a bigger blog about my feelings on the show and cartoons in general. Maybe that will shake up this... malaise.

The end is not here, but it's watching us. Don't worry, you won't miss home.

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Alas poor Yorick....

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His life was given in the Skeleton War, but his spooky skeleton continues to serve with dignity. :ajsleepy:

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....your squirrel died.

Thought you should know.

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Hullo there.  Just wanted to thank you for the recent fave and follow (and signal boost).  I really appreciate you taking the time to read my work, and will do my best to entertain with future stories too.

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Thanks for the watch, I hope Quantum Vault continues to please! :pinkiehappy:

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