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When Rarity has a chance meeting with Braeburn, a blossoming friendship is tested by the latter's sudden silence. Undeterred, Rarity chases the frontier pony to Appleloosa, determined to know what he is keeping from her and keep their connection alive.

She finds a new world clashing with everything she thought she valued, a town determined to push her generosity to the limit, and obligations tearing her in two directions at once. Amidst the dirt and sand, a search for friendship turns into something much more serious.


Cover art by Ruirik

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 89 )

Rarity just took on a huge task, let's see how or where this goes.

*waits patiently*


This just came out of nowhere, popped up on the featured box.

This... Is... Awesome! I eagerly await more!

Hell, shipping or not, I love stories like this!

Author Interviewer

You never told me it was just the first chapter! :O Well all right then!

Dis gone be goooooooooood! :derpytongue2:

I really enjoyed reading this, so far and can't wait for a update.:raritywink: I wonder what is his big secret, will Rarity find out? and how is she going to earn Appleloosan trust when all she has to help is unicorn magic?

Very nice, thanks for writing. :raritywink:

Redsquirrel has a new story? Welp, there goes my weekend...

Wow, I love this! I could read or listen to you talk for hours. Your word choice and writing style all fits together so perfectly! I defiantly plan on reading more of your work :raritystarry:!


...I'd ship that.

“Mail call!” Ditzy Doo blared with her customary enthusiasm even though Rarity had already opened the door.

This part made me think that she opened the barn door. I know you put a little pagebreak before that line, but still, you really should say that Rarity is back at her house; I was pretty confused for several paragraphs. :twilightblush:

I really love this so far and am already hooked! can't wait to see more

These are the kinds of fics that I enjoy reading the most. The ones that blow my socks off with how polished and full they feel. You sure have talent.

Like and favorite fo sho.

My favourite Mane 6er, and my stallion crush as an OTP????

YES PLEASE! :raritystarry::raritystarry:

This is SO wonderfully written!

I can't wait to see where it goes!

This... is not writing, oh no, good sir.. :duck:

This is a PAINTING!!! :raritystarry:

When will you continue this tail?! :raritydespair:

Also, is there an arranged marriage or anything Rarity needs to know about?:raritywink:

This is absolutely wonderful. It's actually the first MLP fanfiction I've ever read - which may not be a good thing; I'm afraid I'm spoiled for life. Anything that doesn't measure up to this is going to dissapoint me now :/ Please do keep writing! I frankly can't wait for another chapter :D

I love how you build up this story. I only can hope for the best for Brae and Rarity; as well the dwellers of Appleloosa for one way or another.

Your imagery and detail are fantastic. I look forward to future chapters.

Dat last sentence foreshadowing

This story is received a disappointingly small amount of attention. This is one of the best stories I've read in a very long time, and it should have far more people reading it than it currently does. Why is it that the absolute gems of our community seem to get the least attention?

This story is to MLP fanfics as Dust: An Elysian Tail is to videogames. It's not getting much attention, but it does EVERYTHING so amazingly, copiously, comprehensively, perfectly right. There's so much excellence contained in this fic that it would be far easier to state things that aren't good about it.

...Actually, no it wouldn't be. I cannot find a single flaw. But I'm not sure if I can type a novella-sized comment, so I just hope you'll take my word for it and realize how absolutely perfect this fanfic is. And I seriously do mean perfect.

Another Wonderful chapter. The way you write these two characters....you get them so perfect! I can't wait until the next installment!

I am loving this story! You took it to a place that I didn't expect it to go at all and I am loving it!

I'm assuming that Bona Fide is going to be a scorned lover of some kind, right?

Just keep doing what you keep doing, man!

A magnificent effort thus far. It's a bit like a dramatic version of Simple Ways :raritydespair: but with a touch of real romance (as opposed to infatuation) thrown in. You definitely have Rarity's personality down cold. :raritywink:

This is how you start a romance story. I'm looking forward to the rest of this very much.

“How’re you doing it?” he asked. “I need to know.”

Ah, that's why this ship works so well: He's trying to be generous.
The pacing of this fic works very well. Rarity tries to distract herself but is pulled back to the question of braeburn at the same time the reader is. Even her self doubt as she gets drunk/parched seems to channel my own as I read it.

You can tell a lot of love went into this fic; it's thick with subtlety and immersion. All the names and little nameless interactions, the details about the flutterponies, the choreography of the dialogue.

Author Interviewer

You had to learn to love a thing before it would love you back

Given that this is reported speech rather than a summary, it should be in present, as it would have been when he said it to her.

a hoof-me-down from my Ma?

That's not a question.

Nice reference to Mustangia there.

I like that little bit about the guy who'd been bringing her more apples.

Ah, and now we have an antagonist, excellent.

Interesting distinction of alcohol vs. salt there. Usually writers just go with one or the other.

Apple Tart, Rarity showing you spells will do jack shit. :V ha ha, she's adorable though :D

Oh sweet fuck, that's awesome. :D I'm glad they aren't acting poorly toward a unicorn simply because "earth pony hicks".

Their chemistry is fantastic. And now we have the stakes: a fight for Appleloosa's soul. Loving it, need more, go go go.

Seems like part of the text got eaten.

‘Pparently we had somethin’ called ‘”

‘Pparently we had somethin’ called ‘”

Called what?
Also should have refreshed comments first.

Good plot progress!

Nice chapter. I can't wait for the next one.

Methinks rarity is going to transform braeburn too. From a timid, excitable pony into $TITLE_DROP

Wow! What an amazing first chapter. I can't wait to read the rest! I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of this pairing, but I can already see it's shaping up to be a great story. :twilightsmile:

Oh wow. I wasn't expecting this to go this way. Can't wait to see how this all goes down. :ajsmug:

Great chapter. Can't wait to see Rarity's plan put in motion! :raritywink:

Author Interviewer

So this isn't just about her relationship with Braeburn. She's gonna end up fighting for the soul Appleloosa, too. (I feel like I might have noted this last chapter. :O)

I love that exchange between Rusty and Bona Fide. :D

I love that she's approaching this problem from Appleloosa's viewpoint, and not her own. That's fantastic.

Man, you're drawing from all kinds of stuff here and making it all work together!

Hah, chupacabras :D

Love the story so far! Especially love the end bit where rarity sees Bonny! It's like they are so different but feel the same way! I hope they become friends!:raritywink:

FINALLY got around to reading this chapter and now I want even more. Good luck with this man, this is quality.

Ship it like FedEx!

I wonder though. Will Silver help or be a hindrance. Good job. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks for the update.

I'm more into Sparity, But the dynamics of the players is true to form , The pace is nice and the conflicts of the situation rings true. Just one thing bothers me, Twi, Pinkie & spike - Trespassers??
Her work, Sweetie & Spikes help (Dog & pony show or Secret of my excess) a little off don't you think???
Great piece of work Thank you.:duck::moustache:

Silverstar seems to be playing this extremely neutral, but I have a feeling he's on Rarity's side.

This fic is incredibly well written, really, good job.

Also since I immediately knew Silverstar is gonna pick Bonny as the third, I think I'm in position to speculate further: I bet Bonny brought the Canines.

Cool chapter. Of course, if Rarity does manage to stage this big expo to put Appleloosa on the map, there's a certain "trendy" stallion she'll have to invite...
I'm still unclear how Rarity thinks she square the circle here. She wants new investors for Appleloosa, but she doesn't want them to change anything. The whole point of an investment is to change things, if the person taking the investment doesn't use that money to change things in a way that increases productivity, then that's just a useless, expensive debt to carry.

Author Interviewer

'Bout time I was finally able to get to this! Still enjoying it!

I am going to be presenting ideas to a committee and asking them to pass judgment on me?

This is not a question.

I notice that she places Bona Fide first on that list of "experts". Trying to curry a little favor?

It's always Diamond Dogs, isn't it?

And damn, but if Silverstar isn't just the canniest salt ever. What a politician!

4487697 Eqsex! Damn that didn't come out like I hoped. Um eqex maybe.

So glad to see that this updated. Really well done and worth the wait.

Interesting. I wonder what Bonny is hiding. She really screwed everything up. Good luck with the next chapter. Good bye.

Damn it, Bonny! You were supposed to be there to help!

Great to get the perspective of both Bonny and the Dogs. I really love how it looks like there are no out and out villains in this piece, just conflicting viewpoints and a lot of mistrust. That usually makes for more interesting stories than "beat trick the schemy developer/greedy diamond dog."

Naw, we're here to figure out what's god


Great update. I'm glad this story is still going. :twilightsmile: Bonnie being an emigrant gives a whole new context to her dislike of Rarity. It was good to see them finally come to blows (so to speak), though the town is still in great trouble. Can't wait to see what you do with this next!

Author Interviewer

>tfw Prince of Dust

Love that creation myth.


Yes! Go, Rarity! :D

Whoa, dat feel when Bonny.

Better clothes makes them better. XD I love it.

>rubber band guns
I don't even


Love the comparison between what Rarity and Bona Fide were arguing over, and the Dogs' reproachments.

Appleloosa will not an' never just leave

Something's wrong here.

Huh, well that whole scene was interesting, but to what end?

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