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Death of conversation


The spoken word is mightier than any weapon when the Mane Six square off against pirate skeletons.

Unfortunately, not everypony gets the idea of "good jokes."

Expanded version of a story written on a whim for the October Minific Writeoff.

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Comment posted by Titanium Dragon deleted Nov 1st, 2014

This is much improved from the writeoff version. So many terrible, terrible puns. :fluttercry: It's beautiful.

“I don’t what’s gotten into these numbskulls for them to attack us like this!”

Don't *know

"First of all, ghouls are a different type of monster altogether...

Princess Twilight Sparkle confirmed for Death Knight.

"'Nightmare Night Book of Real Spells: Warning: Do Not Open under Any Circumstances Ever’"

Colonception up in this female dog.

Applejack shouted something about “Thoracic Park,”

Best pone saves the day with beth pun. Best pone pun.


“at least I know how tibia little humerus.”

Definitely cute. Makes me think of the pirate adventure they went on in the comics. Though I'm not a fan of Rainbow Dash's idioacy, somepony in this story had to be the odd one out. It works well, and AJ's chastising of her fits in with the show.

Reading something like this gives me plenty of miles per gallon. Good thing I carpal.


. . .

5212476 Much thanks for the fix.

When I got the idea for this, Rainbow Dash just kind of... sprung to mind. I thought it would be kind of funny if she was the one who couldn't make the puns, and not somepony like, say, Fluttershy or Twilight. And she would just get more and more frustrated because she refuses to accept that she's not the best at something.

Bleh, I dunno.

Author Interviewer

Oh god, is this "Rainbow Dash Can't Make Skeleton Puns to Save Her Life"?

5213411 Newly revised and better than ever!

*Facepalms* This was painful and fantastic. Bravo.

My thoughts are thus:

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