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Hi I exist I guess. I'm writing a pretty serious non-mlp story, and felt like writing some stuff on the side as a refresher.


When Rarity started dating Rainbow Dash, she never realized what it would mean for anyone else. Or how poor Rainbow's judgement was.

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"Your mane makes ponies think gay thoughts!" Pinkie cheerfully supplied.

*Starts choking* Geez, Pinkie! I know that's we're all thinking it, but you don't say it out loud!
In all seriousness, not bad for your first story. You're characterization was pretty good, and you definitely got some laughs out of me.
Have a Derpy :derpytongue2:

Thank you! Glad to hear someone enjoyed it.

Congratulations! You have achieved comedy.

I hope you keep writing. This was hilarious and I enjoyed every second of it.

This was a good read.
Genuinely amusing, and even as the stakes continued to rise it still kept its optimistic and lighthearted mood.
Very much harmony. Very much fun. Very much pony.

Glad you enjoyed! Somehow, it's a lot easier for me to make fun of ponies when it's in good fun.

Wonder if Luna had time to break it to Rainbow by the ending scene.

Okies, you have my Woot ..

This was quite silly. I enjoyed it. It's like the opposite of

EGirlfriend Friend
Rarity loves her friends but she really wished they had asked her opinion before deciding she was their girlfriend.
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Does that mean you hated that story? Since it's the opposite and all. :trollestia:

Obligatory oh you reaction meme

I fucking love this idea. 10/10 :rainbowlaugh:

"Who is it, then?" Rarity prompted, getting impatient as Twilight let out another relaxed sigh of relief and fall back on the couch.

"Well, I don't know her full name, we just meet at a club and she wears this cool eyemask thing." Rainbow explained. "She calls herself Velvet."

This was the point when I just completely lost it at 12:43 am.

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