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All mixed up


I'm FloydienSlip, and these stories are junk. Mostly.

These are stories that I have started, but have not completed, nor will they ever be completed. These are a collection of (mostly) unrelated ideas that were either too difficult to write, rough drafts of published stories, or are the worst of what I have to offer you. They are unedited from their original state, so some parts may simply drop off.

These are stories I've written for Writeoff competitions, some of them too small to publish as individual stories of their own.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 5 )

lol, what?

I see 7 comments, but they aren't here, lol

Edit: Did ya delete a chapter, or something? 'Cause now it just says Comments (1).

Also... "Cancelled?" lol

4411305 Gone now. The original two Cluster W chapters had comments, but I deleted the chapters. For some odd reason, the comment number didn't reset...

4411313 Ah. Huh. I've never seen it do that. :rainbowlaugh:

This looks like a barrel of randomosity, that's for sure.

This sounds like it would have been a promising start. Did the original story of "Cluster W" involve the Mane 6 in an epic adventure in a new world, trying to find their way back to Equestria? If so, they disappeared after jumping off the cliff in "The Division Bell," correct?

one poor DJ who accidentally dropped her bass

I see what you did there.

Hoorah this is back dude glad you finally got around to it

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