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Death of conversation


Rarity has something important to tell Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash is nervous.
Dedicated to fourths.

Cover art inspired by this idea and drawn by the fantastic zaponator.

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Very amusing beginning, I'm looking forward to more.:twilightsmile:

Oh my... This'll be a fun one.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I was summoned

Something called to me across the infintie Warp.

and it was this

Many a promising Rainbow Romance has gotten its start with mugs of cider (or barrels). Here's to this one!

I like this. Come on down to The Shipshelf anytime. We will be more then happy to give ya a review when completed. ~Mirth

Hehe, I do love some RariDash. XD Let's see where this goes. Drunk Rarity is funny.

Love the story, please keep it up. I can't wait for the next chapter, as this one was very cute. I look forward to reading more in the future.

mOre mOre mOre mOre nowWwWWWWWWWwWwwwWw!!!! :raritydespair:

Honestly same

I know you were envisioning something different - but I definitely am quite happy with this, and this is the type of ending I woulda written. Thank you!

And happy fourths day. :heart:

Even if not your original vision, this story is still well written. It is also the first story to ever leave my "Impressive Incompletes" bookshelf, which is only possible because you made the decision to write this, rather than push for a vision that may never have come to be.

I know the feeling is bittersweet, but I promise that a real, finished story is better than anything simply rattling in one's head indefinitely. And I need to remember that for myself, too...

Your note at the end makes me sad. Even if this wasn't the story you wanted it was still a good story. Not sure what happened that made it take a year between chapters, but it still came out good. Hopefully you'll make the story you want at some point, because you seem to have the talent.

Why would one have to do community service for accidentally caused damage, just pay the bill and be done.

It’s not my ship of choice but very well written. Like actually. The rhythm of the story just syncs with my brain 3x as good as my own.

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