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After Rarity helps Rainbow Dash to clear her name, Rainbow decides to thanks her taking her for a little walk in Canterlot Hills. Cuteness happens.

Edited by Exterminate Regenerate, thanks man!
Art by thenornonthego
Made this 'cause I lost a bet with Brony kaiju soldier. Actually, it was pretty good I did! :rainbowwild:
Not really Romance, Romantic is the word. It isn't really happening for real.

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Oh wow, that was beautiful. I'd love to see a sequel to this, detailing their dinner the next night.

NOOOOO! YOU CRUEL PERSON, LEAVING IT SO OPEN LIKE THAT!:raritydespair::twilightblush::rainbowkiss:

6464027 I expect that anyone who reads that can imagine what will happen in the next night :twilightsmile: :moustache:

This episode had so much shipping fuel with Rarity best pone and Dash... more than Slice of Life did with Lyra and Bon Bon! A very cute story indeed.

6464101 Thanks, I'm happy you liked. I admit I didn't shipped it so much (but I did shipped a little), but then after that episode I couldn't handle myself :rainbowkiss:

Sequal for the dinner please?

It's episodes and fics like this that make me see why people ship them. I could see every pairing of the Mane 6 with little to no issue but RariDash and RariPie would always be hard for me to imagine. NOT BASHING, I DON'T HATE OR DISLIKE THE SHIPS; I just have trouble seeing how they could work.

I feel like after that episode aired it just said. LET THE SHIPPING COMMENCE! and this is really good

6464034 Does that mean sequel? :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

6823686 I plan to do it soon! Not TOO soon, but once this hits 1k views I will do it. :eeyup:

6823693 That's all i'm hoping for. :pinkiehappy:

Nice work. Sorry I didn't read it earlier; I didn't know when you posted it.:twilightsheepish: Also, now to wait for the sequel.:rainbowdetermined2:

6844711 No probs :coolphoto: Anyways, there will be a eventual sequel. Just not now.

The ending this episode deserves. Cute read!

Awww. A wonderful little ship story.:heart:

So simple yet so effective. Worth re-reading, even years later. I'm happy I found this again.

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