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Attics can hold many things: lost heirlooms and hidden fortunes, or sometimes even fond memories. While doing some spring cleaning, Rainbow Dash and Rarity stumble across one such memory in the form of a picture taken many years ago. Together, they recall the magic night the picture was taken, and how it brought them to where they are now.

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From start to finish! I absolutely loved it! And raridash being my second fave shipping, that was just a bonus.

The tone of the story was great and immersing, painting a great picture full of details in my mind. The narrative and dialogue was well writen and not all confusing, boring, or repetitive.

This story is definitely going into my fave folder. 9/10 dear writer. Something I'll be reading again in the future.

Beautiful, I'm not a fan of this pairing normally but you made it work for me here.

Huh... I almost used this title myself recently. I think I have to read this, if only to see how the song would inspire another.

That was adorable!!! I really enjoyed it.

Damn fine work.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Heh...now that I've actually had time to sit down and read this, I find out it did have the song in it.:rainbowlaugh:

This was a lovely and adorable little story.:twilightsmile:


You’re simply adorable when you sneeze like that.”

“Wrong a-word,”


Beautiful ...
Really well written and an instant fave.
I could really see this happening ...

Together with Midnight Oil, this story really scratched the fluffy Raridash itch. Very well written, if slightly cheesy. Thanks. I’d love to see this animated with vocal stylings of Ball and Evans.

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