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Rainbow Dash and Rarity spend Hearth's Warming Eve in Canterlot shopping for gifts. As the night goes on, spirits are high and one pony's dream even comes true.

Edited by Vertigo-01

Artwork by Jowybean

Audio Reading by TyriusTheVA

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An adorable and wonderfully written romance story. I love how well the sentences flow and the vocabulary used throughout. It was noticeable for me since other stories do not really use vocabulary in their proper places. Although that might be just my opinion, I still just wanted to point that out.

This story has also given me another way of writing romance stories in general. Again, adorable read.

This was an adorable story. I never really read a RARITYxRAINBOW fan fic before.

Great job:raritystarry:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. However, should probably thank my editor for all the hard work he put in over the holiday season to get this polished off for me. But I am still glad l that you found a new light of inspiration too.

Really? I thought there were more of them. Thanks anyway, I'm glad you liked it. :raritywink:

6767400 I have read more RAINBOWxTWILIGHT fan fics

So it would seem that I have chosen a rather unusual pairing. :twilightsheepish:

Really sweet story. Definitely captures the mood of Hearth's Warming. Nice picture, by the way!

6776093 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Since when is Coco "light brown"? :unsuresweetie: But cute story. :twilightsmile:

Thanks and could you please specify which part of the text described Coco Pommel as being 'light brown.' :twilightsheepish:


The twinkling chime of a bell sounded overhead as the two were approached by a familiar mare, a light brown pony whose warm, cyan eyes met Rarity’s with a sincere smile. “Rarity, Rainbow Dash, it’s so nice to see you both again,” the mare said in a gentle voice.

Huh, I was wondering how Spike would react.

This was extra cute stuff. Rarity and Rainbow are a rare pairing and you captured their dynamic well.

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