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Gem hunting is part of Rarity's job but she also enjoys to have some company while she's out. Since Spike is not available, Rainbow Dash has to fill the gap. But not before long, they find themselves in deep trouble. Or are they?

A birthday gift for my friend and proofreader TheShadow. He also proofread it.

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Comment posted by Raidah deleted Dec 21st, 2013

3658559 Why would you leave this comment? Not only is that not what downvotes are for, you just look like a massive asshole now.

Anyway, leaving a pre-emptive upvote now to counteract this fucktard (and because Raridash is wonderful), and looking forward to reading it.

Awesome story, it has all of my favorite elements; like Dashy being smart with a Ph.D. and RariDash... Its actually almost exactly like an idea I had a while back but forgot to write... and that title; I've been usin' that line for years (altho' mostly related to cooking - while I'm an electrical engineer). I did see some grammatical errors here and there, but nothing too drastic. I can't imagine why you'd get any downvotes...

Because people like this exist:

And if you see errors, feel free to tell me where. I do want to improve myself.

Upvoted for good writing and A SMART RAINBOW DASH! :rainbowdetermined2:
Just because she's not academic, doesn't mean she's an idiot. Although I do have a soft spot for academic RD, as in this story.

I love the "Notch" reference; just wanted to say that before I forgot. Okay, back to reading! :twilightsmile:

Yes! Someone got the reference! Success!:rainbowkiss:

There are several grammatical errors, but I don't currently feel up to the task of pointing them out. Besides, other than that, this is really good. A very nice story for an often underappreciated ship.

Urgh... not that I don't appreciate the feedback, but I have gotten quite some comments on grammatical errors of mine but they never tell me where they are, just that they exist...:fluttershysad:

Oh. :rainbowderp: Well, now I feel obligated... Shat. If you'd like, I can go back through and try to find them again.

Please do. I can't improve if I don't know where my errors are.:twilightsheepish:

This was... This was good, interesting to se that Rainbow has a PhD in cemetery and all that, and Rarity was at all not "unladylike" as she said it it was rather ladylike in the way of romance. :raritywink:
Any ways a good story and an interesting concept 8/10 :ajsmug: (Not that my rating means anything to you.)

Can you make a sequel? Like with Twilight freaking out about the explosion Rainbow made. I want to see all of the mane 6's reactions to Rainbow's degree with Rarity snickering in the background. Please!!!

i prefer mechanical engineering

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