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Very romantic. Dash/Rarity is not a common ship.

But is this a fanfic where Spike doesn't exist or Rarity just doesn't care about him?

I remember this from dA. Really nice one. :raritywink:

Not my favorite ship, but very nicely done regardless.

Also, am I the only one seeing weird formatting with the italics?

Comment posted by Delicious deleted Nov 16th, 2015

1574576 To me, Rarity doesn't see Spike as any sort of romantic interest. He's just a kid (of a different species) who has a huge crush on her.
She likes him, but only as a friend.

1580224 Then she need to let him know that in your fanfic. And she needs to do it before things get going with Dash (oops, too late) so she doesn't shatter the poor kid's heart. Also, the species difference doesn't mean a darn thing, so I don't know why it's even worthy of mention.

I remember this story and from the comment i can conclude that it must have been xfered to here cause i know i would have liked it the first time i read it.
Also yeah it definaly needs those symbols fixed that #150 threw the ending off.
Still, like this story. Good job handling Rari-Dash! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Avant Garden deleted Nov 16th, 2015

Both Rainbow and Rarity were very in character. Bravo.

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