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During a celebration for Rainbow Dash, Rarity approaches her with an offer. The two retire after the party to the Boutique for some wine, some company, and a warm fire.

A fluffly little Valentine's oneshot.

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Okay, yes, I know 1) the pic makes no sense, but I can't find any decent RariDash pics that are clean, not horribly photoshopped, AND cute. You know, other than that one. If you have any, can I please steal it? Its for a good cause.

2) Yes, I know its fluff, and that most people (like myself) who adore fluff don't like to comment, but please, can I hear what you liked/didn't like/thought was poorly done? Please? What if I offer cookies? :raritywink:

Commence read.

Nice and quaint ball of fluff you have here.

The Fluttershy scene was cute, as were the scenes with Rarity and Dash.

The reveal of Rarity's upbringing was interesting. Seems like with the Complete this won't be delved deeper into?

Where are these cookies?


*showers with cookies* There they are :pinkiehappy: Need help eating them?

As to that, we probably wont find out more. This is kind of... Hmm. Okay, the best way to explain this is that its part of an AU Im working on (nothing I have posted, this series is very large, and I want to make sure its right before I post ANY of it). So it follows that AU's continuity and backstories. However, Rarity and Rainbow Dash will have absolutely nothinh to do with each other in the AU romantically, so its an AU of an AU basically. Spinoff? IDK. But keep a weather eye on that horizon. You might find out more sooner than you think.

I will literally kill whoever downvoted this adorable-ness. RariDash is nowhere near my top five fave pairings, but this made my head explode with the cuteness!
Good on ya, mate! :rainbowkiss:

2117143 Alright. Will await and see how that progresses.

ddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww:heart: i loved this! but i think it needs a part 2 great job!:eeyup::twilightsmile:

2117166 im guessing your australian?

I wish I had a relationship like this.

2117862 Nah, lol, I'm American, I just like that expression. :derpytongue2:

asdfjkl; !!!!!!!!!!! Why are there 9 dislikes!?! WHO DID THAT!? What!!!?
*cracks knuckles*
Ya'll who did that should be ashamed, this story was amazing.

not bad at all/:rainbowkiss:

You're right, this story just deserves likes and not dislikes. :pinkiehappy:

So nice to read an old fic. You can tell that the characters were still bursting with unrealized potential when this was written. And sadly the relationship between Rarity and Rainbow Dash never was realized in any serious capacity, but stories like this make up for that.

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