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"...and bam there's those pretty blue eyes."

A few days after the Best Young Fliers' Competition, Rainbow Dash is reliving the feelings she felt when she stared into Rarity's eyes. Of course, it's love, but she's sure to be unsure about it until she actually confronts it.

Which she does in the story, of course.

This is a Raridash fanfic that takes place a few days after the 'Sonic Rainboom' episode. The idea is all over the place, to be honest, though some inspiration comes from Jake R's 'The Raridash Project' (Though by no means did I borrow any plot elements from it by purpose)

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Having the thoughts and the dialogues both represented by quotation marks makes this fic really annoying and confusing to read. You should try:

'Think Rainbow Dash, think!' Rainbow Dash thought. "I've got it!" she finally yelled.


Think Rainbow Dash, think! Rainbow Dash thought. "I've got it!" she finally yelled.

instead of:

"Think Rainbow Dash, think!" Rainbow Dash thought. "I've got it!" she finally yelled.

Please fix this — thanks! :raritywink:

3364352 Fixed!

And apologies for that. :twilightblush:

Other than the mixing up of thought and dialogue, is there anything else you might want to add?

Please write a sequel :D. This was awesome and I can't wait to see what happens next, but thats just me. Thank you for writing such a lovely story :D.

3523555 I thank you for the compliment, really.

Sadly, however, I personally found the story a little too flimsy in parts, so I will probably not continue writing it as a sequel. Won't go into too much detail on what, however.

After all, even if I had been more satisfied with the structure of the story and the actions of the characters, the story simply depicted Rainbow Dash coming together with Rarity and the scenes in which it occurs. The time they get together should technically be the end, though the last part is inevitably a must as leaving a lack of conclusion for that plot element would make it feel incomplete imo.

Still, it's possible that I may revisit this story one day and do a rewrite to fix what I felt were mistakes on my behalf and it is certainly the case that certain elements from this story could reappear in other stories that I attempt to tell in the future.:twilightsmile:

I can't understand this.:unsuresweetie:

Also, why the d-word so much?:applejackunsure:

7477841 Well, to be fair, I wrote this a few years ago, so I don't think I fully remember what I wrote.

Still, I would think it's fairly straightforward...? Like, it's a story around Rainbow Dash confessing to Rarity about her feelings; I presume you meant the stuff around that? If so, then I'd forgotten myself.

And that was how I wrote it at the time, I suppose. Didn't really think of it as such a big deal to use the word, and a part of me even finds it a bit childish to use it as a curse now (Because fire truck... and fuck is a lot more visceral), but I used it as a curse before, so I guess that's my only excuse.

7478762 no, I mean I can't understand it, cuz like are the voices in rainbow's head talking, if so I don't see any quotation marks?:derpytongue2:

7478769 Ah....

Well, I used apostrophes for those thoughts.

7478784 oh, well cmon, I can't understand that, tell me bro!:pinkiegasp:

7478838 ' <-- It's this sign.

So no, Rainbow Dash's voice hadn't magically become another character; it was meant to be in her head.

7478900 oh, that thingy. Ok! Bye!:pinkiehappy:

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