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Rainbow Dash and Rarity miss each other.

Maybe moreso than before.

Rated Teen for language and for some sexual content, but nothing NSFW.

There's also a DeviantART version.

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"...and bam there's those pretty blue eyes."

A few days after the Best Young Fliers' Competition, Rainbow Dash is reliving the feelings she felt when she stared into Rarity's eyes. Of course, it's love, but she's sure to be unsure about it until she actually confronts it.

Which she does in the story, of course.

This is a Raridash fanfic that takes place a few days after the 'Sonic Rainboom' episode. The idea is all over the place, to be honest, though some inspiration comes from Jake R's 'The Raridash Project' (Though by no means did I borrow any plot elements from it by purpose)

Chapters (1)
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