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When she catches a bad case of pegapox, Rainbow Dash cannot fly up to her cloud home. Grounded and quarantined in Ponyville, she is taken in by Rarity and Sweetie Belle, who vow to nurse her back to health. Can the pegasus survive her well-meaning caregivers long enough for Twilight to find a cure--and why is the weather turning so weird?

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:pinkiegasp:I remember this from EqD great read very funny brilliant story glad to see it on here:pinkiehappy:

1546059 Same here, read this about 10 months or so ago when I saw it in EQD. And I agree, it was a great story! :rainbowdetermined2:

I remember this fic! It's great to see it on here!


I read this before on fanfiction. great story

Ah, I remember this! *favs*

“I’ve got a cloud house to build.”

Hmm.. I hope she wasn't keeping anything important up there?

Blunt statement; And Sweetie Belle's one of the CMC, along with Applejacks sister and a PEGASUS, all of who are frequently seen together. None of whom are inteligent so when Scootaloo finds out her idol's sick she'll do everything in and outside of her power to visit her. At which point she'll promptly catch the pox and distribute it among Ponyville. Poof, suddenly it's no longer a rare disease.

Interesting, need to see more first. *Moves to the second chapter*

Well... I know it's been going on for a few chapters now but Rarity's being needlessly cruel to the sick pegasus isn't she? I'm half-hoping she comes down with something just as bad at the end and Dashie gets to take care of her. Sweet, sweet vengance.

I remember this story from EQD. Good to see it over here.

It's great to see this posted here, such a sweet story! :rainbowkiss::raritywink:

My parents say that the worst medicine taste's the better it is for you. And that's also what their parents told them.:twilightsmile:

Whoo! Nice to see this lovely fic posted here. Now I have the chance to like and fave it! :heart:

:rainbowdetermined2: RD is the BEST!

BoBo is pure EVIL! :rainbowderp:

It's about time!:pinkiehappy:
I was wondering when this story was going to show on this site.:rainbowdetermined2:

Yay! You posted here, too. As promised, here's a like and a favorite from me. Excellent story - there's not enough Rarity/Dash interaction in this fandom, and even less Sweetie/Dash. Their friendship is really cute and you portray it quite nicely. Also, BoBo brings back memories of my cousin's creepy monkey plush that he used to bring with him every time he visited when we were kids. I'd always hide it on him, but it would keep appearing in the most random places *shudders*
Anywho, awesome job :pinkiehappy:

I've read this on another site :ajbemused:
It was written before! This so tell me did you write this or are you ripping off another persons story :ajsmug:

Loved it. Good job. Keep it up!

That was awesome! I liked the whole Sweetie/Dash friendship thing a lot, it's not something I've ever seen before! 9/10 moustaches.



Read that again and it didn't seem too nice. Sorry, trying again. Yes, I am the author of the story. I am posting it here for the first time since some readers don't frequent fanfiction.net. Thanks for taking note--i hope you enjoyed it when you originally read it. :rainbowkiss:

:ajbemused::derpyderp2::pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh::scootangel::twistnerd::unsuresweetie::trixieshiftleft::rainbowkiss::pinkiegasp::derpytongue2::ajsleepy::ajsmug::fluttercry::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::trixieshiftright::yay::trollestia::twilightangry2::rainbowwild::pinkiesad2::flutterrage::applecry::applejackconfused::fluttershbad::pinkiesick::raritycry::twilightblush::moustache::facehoof::twilightoops::raritydespair::pinkiesmile::fluttershyouch::applejackunsure::coolphoto::fluttershysad::rainbowderp::raritystarry::twilightsheepish::eeyup::duck::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowdetermined2::heart::derpyderp1: LOL I felt like doing this

awwwwwwwwwwwww................................it doesn't show but I love the story:raritystarry:

LOL oh Bobo......:rainbowlaugh: But Applejack was being a bit insensire,she was still being honest,right? Loved the 3rd chapter:heart: Moving on to #4

You did a good job the last 2 paragraphs were just so...touching:heart: Oh Sweetie Bell! I wonder what her cutiemark would be......?:trollestia:

I don't know about the cruel bit, she seems genuine in her care and does it as best as she can, her ideas of proper care are just a bit different then those of RD. :raritywink:

This is a great fanfic and it's criminal that it hasn't gotten more attention.

I seriously want a sequel to this thing already! I originally read this for the fact that Sweetie Belle was in the story, but then RD happened. That's when the two started bonding, and I got to see some awesome character development... Who cares if it isn't canon, I want MOAR!!!

Edit: How is this on EQD and not more frequently read?

lol oh Scootaloo is so adorable

Good premise. Let's see how this turns out! :trixieshiftright:

Sweetie Belle's cooking has improved - she didn't burn the juice :unsuresweetie:

1551670 If that site was Fanfiction I would think the person wrote it their and reposted it here when Fimfiction came up.


Beautiful! Mint Vanilla recommended this to me and so far (chapter 1), awesome! :rainbowwild:

Possible corrections and/or points of improvement:
1. “Well, it’s…it’s hard to explain,” Twilight began, but rarity quickly nudged her out of the way and flipped open the saddlebags she was wearing. Using the magic of her horn, she levitated a small hand mirror.

2. “Excuuuussse me? Rainbow Rash?”
“Pretty good, huh?”
- This confused me a bit. In the end, I concluded that both dialogues are Spike's.


Chapter 2 comes in after Chapter 1 quite neatly. Loving it! :rainbowwild:

Possible corrections and/or points of improvement for Chapter 2:
1. “It really is a shame your spots are such a garish hot pink—a light pick or carnation would have looked lovely with your coat.”
- Pick or pink?

2. Rarity trotted to the bed and pulled back the quilt in a neat line. Turning the Rainbow, she patted the mattress. “Into bed now. And don’t you worry about putting me out. I want to help.”

3. “No, dear, Opal hasn't done anything lately…and I think you owe her an apology for that. No, the reason you can’t go in your room __ because Rainbow Dash is in there right now…and she’s sleeping.”
- Add "is"(?)

4. Rarity recognized it immediately as a bolt she had gotten in a special bulk shipment she’d purchases sight unseen.
- Can't quite make this out.


Smooth sailing through chapter 3. Awesome.

Liked this:
1. A few moments later, Rainbow Dash heard the front door slam downstairs and hoofsteps as Rarity left for the market. Almost immediately after, Sweetie Belle appeared with a pink swirly straw.

“Found one!” she announced, plunking it into the juice and rearing up to put her hooves on the mattress. She gave Rainbow Dash a severe look. “Rarity said I have to make sure you drink all that juice before she gets back…so start sipping.”

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow at the bossy filly, but Sweetie Belle only frowned back and pointed to the glass.

“All of it.”

- Oh! Oh my...Oh my GOSH! Like, Oh. My. Gosh. This scene was worded just right that I was able to imagine this perfectly. Oh the sweet feels!

Possible correction:
2. “N-no…I’m good.” After seeing what the filly had done to the toast, she didn’t Sweetie doing anything with boiling water. “The j-juice is c-c-cold.” She took another sip, satisfying the little unicorn.

I really enjoyed your story, it was a really fun and exciting read. :twilightsmile:

The attack of the evil teddy bear II

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