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Fancy Pants had offered Rarity her shot in Canterlot, saying he'd give her the money to start her business. At first she had been weary, but with a little nudge from her dream driven friend, Rainbow Dash, the Carousel Boutique became a huge success. However, she wouldn't have done it alone.
Purple and blue, taking on the world together one step at a time.

Dedicated to Nell.

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Comments ( 4 )

[INTERNAL SCREAMING] MY BABIES, OUR SHIP, AUHSUHSAHSUAH. This is beautiful, okay. You're a lovely writer, ughhh. Babiessss. :raritycry:

What an excellent little fic! Gosh, you played me well with that teased ship, I want so much more! You are quite the competent writer, and I hope we'll see more fanfictions out of you!

Thank you so much!

This was quite nice! I wish I was longer though. The premise is just downright fantastic.

The ending particularly could use a little more padding out. It went by too fast for me to become emotionally invested in.

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