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After a rather unpleasant landing in a thorn bush, Rainbow's wing is hurt. Luckily, Twilight is there to mend her wounds and take care of her.

Proofread by TheShadow

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Raidah #1 · Dec 8th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Cute. My favourite shipping is AppleDash but TwiDash is a very close second. Definitely favouriting this.

Awesome :rainbowdetermined2: great work have a derpy::derpytongue2:

Well... yeah... I actually dislike AppleDash with only a few exceptions, but okay. I have no right to tell you what to like but will certainly never write one.

Thanks for the fave though!

Very cute, :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

Raidah #5 · Dec 8th, 2013 · · 1 ·

3598482 you... Dislike.... AppleDash? :pinkiegasp: SHAME!
Oh well, whatever... Nothing I can do to make you like something you don't. We all have our own tastes

Well that may be the fluffiest thing I have ever read. Like... I'm suffocating in the fluff! It's killing me! What have you done!? It's sentient! The fluff is sentient!

Seriously though, well done.

damn! that was as fluffy as that cotton ball twilight was using! maybe even fluffier than pinkies mane!

To quote that little girl from despicable me:


Seriously, this breaks the fluffiness scale. Gotta remember to make that go up to eleven...

Awww, very adorable!

Well a real nice clean and cute story, a nice change of pace from all the clop on this site. :pinkiesmile:

Mission accomplished!
Kill count: 2

Thanks! Positive feedback is always great.:rainbowkiss:

That was delightfully cute. I really enjoyed it.

All my feels and thoughts on this story shall be shoved aside for a second so I can cover the facts. It was very well written and detailed, I liked it for that.

Now my feels.

Ugh. this whole story is like:

"Come to the dark- I MEAN Twidash side, we have sandwiches and tea!"

and other stories I read are like:

"Love Appledash or else."

:raritydespair: I can't pick.

Come to us. Let the TwiDash flow through you. We have the best ship. My logic is undeniable!


But Appledash can be so adorable sometimes... :raritydespair:


Why choose? For me pretty much every Dash ship works if the story is good. And as long as Dash is happy, I am happy.

Ignore him. He's too Dash-centered to actually care what ship it is. I know that for a fact. Also, he told me 'Twidash is best ship' himself, so... yeah... What else do I need to say?

You are my lazy-as-fuck proofreader! You said that on skype! Though... a comment like this pretty much proves I'm right anyway.


But Appledash is so cute.... and have you seen Castle-mania? There was Appledash references all over the place.


Don't listen to that guy, he's too twilight centered. Rainbow Dash is best pony :rainbowkiss:

Seriously, you should have seen his user page a couple of months ago. It wouldn't even load because it was so full of Rainbow Dash pictures!

And yeah... I just can't see Applejack and Rainbow Dash as anything more than best friends, but that, they are, that's for sure. Friends with benefits as a compromise but a romance between them is just something that won't work for me. And references to fanon are only there when you want to see them, so I don't see these references.


You're awesome too.


"Applejack, if your scared you can just tell me, you don't have to put your hoof around me- *THAT SEDUCTIVE RAINBOW FACE*

But, I also see your point. Me and my roommate argue between Flutterdash and Appledash a lot.

By the way, TheShadow has a point. Where is your photographic evidence?

It's a skype conversation with different names. A screencap of it would prove shit.

And I'd call that look rather smug then seductive... Anyway, my opinion on AppleDash is very thought through and goes along with my perception of their characters and my opinion on their respective character traits, i.e. you won't be able to change my mind on this topic. bookplayer and bats already gave up trying. No offense.

That is, if you want to convince me to like AppleDash. If you annoy me long enough with it, it'll make me dislike this ship even more.


No offense taken. I'm horrible at persuasion anyways, I just wanted to prove my point even though I see where you're coming at since Rainbow Dash is the most competitive pony in the whole TV show. But since we are two people with complete different views and beliefs on the subject at hand (or hoof, lol that pun) I can see how one may be believe that the face made was seductive and the other may believe that it was competitive, also we need to take in the fact that this is a childerns show and I doubt that Megan McCarthy meant it to be taken in as seductive.

So you're probably right.

I still think Rainbow Dash is a fillyfooler.

Yeah. Hopefully there will be never any ships in the show. For that point I'm glad that Flash Sentry stayed in the movie.

After all, every single fanwork, may it be a fic, a ship or a picture, is still a fanwork. True is only what is shown on screen. Everything else is subjective and unprovable. Even TwiDash.

Though... that leaves me more room for other ships like Rarilight or Raridash or even Flutterjack!:rainbowwild:


Yes, thank Celestia herself that Flash Cen- I mean, Brad, is not a charter in season 4. As much as I wish Appledash was real, I need to remember that this show is all about a unicorn (Or Alicorn) who is learning about the magic of true friendships.

That's why we write Fanfics so they can be more than just friendships. :yay:

Indeed. In this regard: Enjoy as much different things as you can! Just don't try to convince others to share your opinion. You may give them any information you have and let them work with it, but opinions are all equally wrong or right, since they are all made up by the human mind. Pretending that your opinion is the right one would be hypocrisy at its finest. I know that includes my own, but such is the way things are, no matter how much I like or dislike it.


oh really... says the one who wrote the flowing quotes...

"Come to us. Let the TwiDash flow through you. We have the best ship. My logic is undeniable!"

"Ignore him. He's too Dash-centered to actually care what ship it is. I know that for a fact. Also, he told me 'Twidash is best ship' himself, so... yeah... What else do I need to say?"

Any of these ring a bell..


Yes. But I thought these are distinguishable as jokes when I wrote them. My fault then...


I understand it was a joke, I was just trying to be a butthead.

Well... I'm lucky to be rather immune to it then.:rainbowwild:

Or maybe I'm just too stupid...:rainbowderp:



Anyways, you can successfully say you made a Twidash fan out of me with this story, congratulations.

I couldn't ask for more. I already accidently converted my proofreader and now you. Maybe I should try to do it for a living?

Anyway, I hope you have fun with your new pairing. It offers and incredible amount of possibilities for original stories. I could say more, but I'll let you discover it for yourself.:twilightsmile:


Still an Appledash fan :pinkiehappy:

And again, thanks, ya know, it's not really everyday a writer sits down and has a grown up conversation with a reader. In all the stories I'v read more than half the readers don't even stop to say "thank you" to a complement. I mean, I get some people are busy and all, but just bugs me.


I actually like discussing something on my stories. Sure, I might not like some comments on it,(I am not really fond of how many comments here concern Appledash) but it's my story so I have every right and obligation to defend my opinon here. The only problem is to find the point where everyone can stop to reply without looking stupid or ignorant, despite how shallow the conversation has become. And for my sleeping schedule's sake I'd say we end it here. I'm tired as fuck right now...


I completely understand, I don't really like to reply to hate comments or anything meant to be rude of inconsiderate... And especially when I'm running low of sleep. it ends up being like:

"If you don't like my fucking story then why the fuck are you still here? Didn't your parents ever teach you if you don't have anything nice to say then just shut the hell up and leave? :pinkiecrazy:"

Anyways, awesome story, I hope you keep writing awesome stuff like this and get some sleep. This is farewell.

I don't really like AppleDash either...

3604417 k den. To each his own

This was an adorable fic and I loved reading it! Twidash for the win. That said, I'm also a big fan of Twiluna and Twishy.

I has just so much love for my Twilight~:twilightsmile:

Well good job bro all I have to say.

ok so you have 43 comments (counting this) and thats awesome and all, but its sorta suprising, your story is very good, but i've seenr really long stories that might of taken atleast 15-20 hours, and they usually have about 12 comments... :pinkiegasp:

Well, half of the comments are from me and that lightningstorm740 guy. :twilightoops:
For the other half... It's pretty short something people like read, so it's more likely that they actually comment on it, since they don't have to think very long about what to write.
Other than that, I know that feel all too well... getting little to no comments and barely any views.:raritydespair:

to make you fell better, ill tell you that i enjoyed your story ( with a like and fav :rainbowkiss: )

Thumbs and stars! I like them so much! Thank you!:raritystarry:

No problem man since its the best i can do!
:rainbowkiss: < yea i like the part where i kissed twi!
:twilightblush:< oh rainbow stop your making me blush!

3607920 Luna Is Best Princess :derpytongue2: twilunashy sounds interesting :twilightblush:

3719747 - It does huh. Maybe I'll write it one day.

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