It had all happened so quickly, she'd never been able to stand back and contemplate her options, but Rainbow Dash knew she hadn't gone wrong at any point along the entire way.

Some d'aww TwiDash. If you're allergic to sweet, this is NOT the place for you.

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You may not believe this, but this is actually my first attempt at writing something anywhere near as... this.

Christ, call M-W, we've got a new definition standard for buckety. "This."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to writing fics with actual content.

I hope I'm getting my point across. I don't like such fics. I have no practice with them and don't intend to gather it. Judge it as such. Then again, you're either going to suck my candy on it or see it critically. In a way, you could even call this an experiment.

Oh well. Intrare massarum.

blah blah blah
comment informing you that you did a good job
blah blah blah
i like it
blah blah blah

2077874 denver.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw3633-1331548073652.jpg

2078116 I no rite.

Well, experiment run and data gathered. It, in fact, does not matter shit what you write, the success of your stories depends directly on your slaves count. That is, unless you write OC clop.

I'll go back to my novel now, right?

*sneezes* I think my allergies are kicking in.

I didn't daw but I did enjoy reading this.
I say good job. Good job.

"Sparky, I still deal daily with ponies who insist on Fillyheit. Impractical dumbheads."

Do I smell something burning? Muahaha. But why did you use Kelvin? Celcius is way more used, even though they're practically the same.

2206714 They're literally the exact same... except for those 273.15 difference and that Kelvin is a set unit, not degrees.
Yeah, I love bashing Americans. And yes, Celsius is more common (it's the common measurement in my country, as in literally every other civilised), but imagine the following: A world in which there never was anything but Kelvin and thus people (or ponies) are simply used to that. Wouldn't it be a perfect world?
Also, I'm a chem student. Go figure.

(The fun thing is, Celsius is actually pretty common in chem as it performs well for basically anything but the ideal gas law. But the physics prof will hit you if you even think of Celsius.)


Yep, Kelvin as a standard would be pretty cool, even though it might be annoying to say 283 instead of 10 degrees. Then again, you'd be used to that if it were a standard.

I have a question. Why did this show up as 28 notifications when it was added to The Fillyfoolers?

2206727 Ah yes, physics revolves around Kelvin, except in Astrophysics (~273 degrees is neglegable). Especially in Nanotechnology/Quantum, the units come out properly with no conversions neccessary.
But enough about physics and my adventures with it, this story was well written, the nickname Sparky that I like so much in TwiDash is present, and the dialogue is different to others I've read, but fits well. I commend you on a great story, looking forward to more from you. :twilightsmile:

2210208 I added a lot of my stuff there at once, due to forgetting about groups for a while. Boy, was I mistaken (this fic was originally at something like 15:7)

2210454 If the units don't check out, you're not doing real physics. Period.

Wait, others use that nickname as well? C+D! I totally invented it!
Yeah, I basically set it that, whenever I write TwiDash, that is the name she uses for Twilight, in reference to an eh work of mine which may or may not share that name, which in itself is based off of a slightly awesomified trailer to be found here.
Hooray, universal coincidences!

Different dialogue, eh? As in, not filled with slime and floating hearts? Burrrrrn... yeah, anyhow.

Oh yes;
-Slightly reduced LUS in this fic. Somehow, I just came to an illumination about that. Not that I don't still think that repeating names twenty thousand times is stupid and am thus simply going to write fitting spots to insert LUS... as if those existed.

2212127 I was talking more along the lines of Fahrenheit is bad for Thermodynamics and such.
Also, the name Sparky, not just from your story Sparky, I think someone on dA used it too.

I kind of think you should have scratched the very last line but... sweet short story nonetheless^^

Either you or someone else put this in the Incoming folder for Twilight's Library. To be honest, I'd read it previously, and felt a little meh about it.

My main issue was that when I was reading this fanfic, it felt rushed, and the ending seemed rather abrupt. In my opinion, it could have used to have been longer and more descriptive, spending more time on the scene. I also couldn't help but wish that you'd actually written about Rainbow's cloud house being destroyed and her turning up soaking wet on Twilight's doorstep, rather then just mentioning it offhand. That actually sounded like a more interesting story to me, unfortunately.

I suppose I do prefer more content with my fanfic, or at least more time spent on the lack of content, and the backstory more fleshed out. Oh well. It is still technically well written, doesn't really fit into any of the reasons to reject it, and I didn't really actively dislike it. I'll go ahead and add it into Twilight's Library.

2241569 Huh. Thank ya kindly then.
I didn't actually mean to put it into the library, seeing as it's just a oneshot to prove that d'aww beats story development (experiment successful, by the way.)
It could've been more, but it was never intended to be.

If you want fleshed out plot, I suppose you could try Splitting aMid the Night by me. I don't think I submitted it to your group because Twilight is only a main character, not the.


Heh. Maybe that unpublished fic I'm near the end of chapter five of will do well, then. It's got a plot, but I keep finding myself writing d'aww scenes between Ditzy and Scootaloo as the plot inches forward. :pinkiehappy:

And don't worry, despite the name, Twilight's Library doesn't actually specialize in Twilight-related fanfiction. Otherwise I wouldn't have a folder dedicated to Scootaloo, for example. Think of the group as being more what Twilight's library would be like if she was obsessed with reading mlp fanfiction. :twilightblush:

And it's quite possible someone else put it in. Pretty much the way the group works is that I (or other admins on occasion) add fiction I like to it, and other members of the group fiction they like (usually their own, in my experience) to the incoming folder. Eventually an admin looks at it and decides whether to allow it into the main group or not.

Think of it was being a point somewhere between no rules at all, and equestria daily.

As far as "Splitting aMid the Night", I'll stick it in my read later list. Unfortunately, that's pretty large, but it'll be there. For some reason, "An unknown sensation" doesn't show in your list of stories, btw...

2243548 Ah yes. I must have been thinking of the Twilight Sparkle group. Once you're pretentious enough, there are a lot of groups to which you gotta submit your stuff. Why are there even like ten notewothy Twilight Sparkle groups?

Aus (That's an abbreviation) doesn't show up because I unsubmitted it. It's old, its canon is no longer followed, and I hate it. My first work. Fittingly shit. I don't want to have people judge me by it.

Also, I stuck you some of my good stuph, including SatN for convenience, into the group. You're welcome.


Beats me on the names. I flippantly dubbed my group "Twilight's Library" back when it was just a group for two of us to organize and share fanfic we liked. Somewhere along the line, two people became two hundred, resulting in my suddenly leading this thing. And I know what you mean on the plethora of Twilight Sparkle groups, since my first fanfic had her as a main character. Since then, I've only used her once, and that's as a supporting character...

And I can understand on Aus. The blog post you have linked on SatN still lists it as recommended reading before reading SatN, though. Might want to update that.

And I'm in process of recruiting some new admins to help handle the Incoming folder, so one of us should go through those. There are about 40 fics in there at the moment, though, and some of them are pretty large.

Nice, but it didn't feel complete.

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