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I've never called myself a brony, now I'm writing mlp fanfiction and enjoying it.


Friendships grow and change. That's how life works and it's usually a good thing in the end. Rainbow Dash and Rarity once saw their friendship more of a friends by association sort of thing. It was a total surprise to both of them when they realized that had changed. It took them a while to realize they'd become best friends even among their other friends. But that was still as far as it went, right?
This is the story of a growing friendship and how truly unexpected love can be.

I got this idea after reading the story "Hope You Dance" by PapierSam. So if you like this please go check out their story too. In fact, go check that one out regardless.
Check it out here.

Like all my Equestria Girls stories I'm setting this at some unknown time after the second movie where the third movie still hasn't happened, mostly because it's an easy and convenient timeline to work in.
This will be a new challenges for me as most of the story is going to take place in flash back form and keeping that specific narrative focus is going to be different.
As always, let me know how I'm doing. All comments are welcome, good and bad.

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Fifty views. I posted this like an hour ago. That's an awesome Christmas gift everyone. Thank you

:rainbowkiss: -the only way to describe my feelings right now

Inspiration for this one hit me hard. This one is gonna be fun:raritywink:

Well Rainbow if I’m reading this right it sounds like you asked for it. Don’t seduce without planning on following through I suppose.

Thanks everyone for getting this over 100 views so quickly:twilightsmile:

Really sweet, and super fun to read. :yay:

It's was nice to see how Rainbow Dash doesn't immediately decide to become Rarity's perfect date at the drop of a hat, but sort of falls into the role without really planning to. It's oddly realistic where I was very much expecting cliche.

I like seeing this comment. My low key goal that only those who read the author notes on my early stories would know it's to try to depict these characters in a more realistic way. Realistic being relative obviously, but at least responding to situations the way I think these established characters would. I don't even really plan dialog and interaction. I get a vague idea of the character in my head, plan some set pieces, and only then work out how they'd navigate the situations. Thanks for letting me know I'm still sticking to that.

Rainbow is right. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

All's fair in a verbal dual, especially when it's just friends busting each other's balls.

The whole Big Macintosh situation had me dying! :rainbowlaugh:. As expected, this was a great chapter overall. :twilightsmile:

Dude you and your killer stories man.
This is great you must write another chapter for this darling.
It is simply arvont guard.

I really don’t know what that means nor if it was used in the right context but for some reason my inner rarity cane out.

But honestly this and Prom Protector smashing works mate. Absolutely smashing

Good stuff. Fun and sweet throughout.

You very well could have titled this chapter 'Beauty and the Beast' because it's a nice condensed take on that archetypal story.

Thanks for the praise, but you might have to explain that one. I'd almost go more for a taming of the shrew if we're comparing this chapter with classical works. Though their over all personalities do kinda fit the beauty and the beast description I will admit. Not that I'm opposed to having my work compared to classics, I just definitely didn't go into it thinking about it that way.

I honestly don't even know how to react to a comment that cool, but I'll still take it and say thanks.

You are more than welcome my friend.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see those chapters soon 👍🏻

I'm not super familiar with The Taming of the Shrew, so I can't compare and contrast it all that well with Beauty and the Beast, but I can at least explain why this chapter reminded me of Beauty and the Beast.

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle is able to see that despite Beast's animalistic appearance and behaviour, there is a something of value with him that can be rescued, if only he can be enculturated. This is very much unlike Gaston who is outwardly groomed and civilized, yet lacks any inwardly redeemable characteristics.

Interestingly, the reason why Beast looks the way he looks, is because long ago he was cursed by an enchantress for being exactly like Gaston: Shallow, status-seeking, and selfish. He was given a skin to match his soul, and It's only through the feminine, enculturating force of Belle which calls forth the best in Beast that he can truly become civilized for the first time.

You have Rainbow Dash being beastly in a number of ways at the throughout the chapter, which are all fairly obvious, and I'm sure you don't need me to point them out, but there's also a little hint of Gaston in there as well, which is more subtle. Mainly, this comes out in the way that Rainbow Dash's life more or less revolves around her soccer performance. as demonstrated by how often she talks about soccer, and by the fact that her sleep and showering are affected by her commitment to soccer. This isn't too far off from the masculine striving of Gaston, who desires to be the most impressive, and strongest huntsmen around. However, for Gaston, his desire for masculine achievement takes up his entire personality and leaves no room for a deep romantic relationship. He only pursues Belle because snagging the fairest beauty in town will improve his own masculine status. As a result of all this, Gaston's character is at a dead-end.

Beast is different though, because despite his animalistic nature, he willingly submits himself to the ideal of Belle's feminine approval. He goes from master of his own castle, to servant of Belle, because Belle is the archetype of humble femininity, which has the power to bring new life to his dark, decrepit castle, and revivify Beast's soul.

So yeah... That was longer than I thought it was going to be. :twilightsheepish:

Don't worry about it, I love deep critiques like that. So, at least going from the Disney version, the shower scene would be like where Belle is treating beasts wounds. Rarity dragging her in and insisting would be like Belle not backing down when beast roars and yells at her.
Rainbow just figures she is the way she is and she doesn't need to/ doesn't want to/ can't change. Rarity sees the potential in her that Rainbow can't even see in herself and knows she needs to be firm to bring it out. And of course certain things come out during that process. I love it. Thanks for that interpretation.

Thanks everyone for getting this over 200 views, and sorry it took so long for a new chapter

Two things, one even if they could keep their clothes no one would want to practice after a chemical shower and the hazmat suits they would have to wear while they wait their turn, second I am amused that both girls have apparently sat on Fluttershy’s chest at some point or at least dedicated thought to how it would feel.

Seriously though, hazmat suits will make you sweat like you wouldn’t believe, my father worked at a nuclear power plant that weirdly had a bring your family to work day. One of the demos was trying to remove a hazmat properly (in a way that you never came in contact with the outer portion with your skinor clothes), it was more of a challenge than I would have ever guessed.

Somehow I always seem to run into people with interesting stories like this. Seriously, how many random people you might randomly meet have actually tried on a hazmat suit. Although I wasn't really implying they were wearing hazmat suits(I feel like those are expensive:twilightoops:). If you've ever had to wear one of those hospital gowns where your butt hangs out. Something more like that. A slightly more common experience I don't have to count on everyone randomly being the child of nuclear plant workers to understand(seriously, that's cool:rainbowlaugh:). I think Rarity seeing people wear something that might be dispensed out of a box like tissues would probably make her go nightmare.
Oh yeah, and you know you judge a good chair by how much cushion it has:raritywink:. I really can't remember right now if there bodies are really physically differentiated at all or not, but I base my perspective more of fics anymore. And I like the fics that portray Shy as being stacked, but doesn't really care about it. Adds to her appeal. Then Rainbow would have an athletic build, and Rarity would have enough that she could fashionably accentuate if she chooses. Yes I am one of those weird people who have built a huge connected world in my head:twilightblush:

I wasn’t saying they would be wearing a suit when they walked in the room, they would have been given them to limit further exposure while waiting for a turn at the chemical showers. Continued exposure to chemical poisons or radiation just makes things worse so survivors of the initial outbreak will be given something to limit further exposure and make sure they don’t come into contact with anyone “clean” before they can be decontaminated.

And yeah, the stories you hear regarding people with odd jobs can be simply amazing. One of my friends since high school works security at a hospital, he has stories that will make almost any job seem like a step up in terms of general sanity.

Ohhhhhh. Never actually been detained by hazmat so would not have known that. Thinking of it though it makes sense. I think I left it vague enough that I don't need to do an edit on it though, but thanks for that perspective. Always cool hearing from you.

This was so flipping cute you don't understand how much I smiled :fluttercry:. Why is it that Rainbow could be shipped with anyone and it'd still make me cry with happiness?! (Seriously, amazing chapter, can't wait for the next and updates on other stories and glad you're back :twilightsmile:)

For me, it's because she's a character that acts more then she thinks. Not being a good writer as I am it helps having a character like her that's interesting and complex, but not so layered that those qualities are hard to draw out.
Good to be back and seeing you awesome comments again.:raritywink:


This chapter was awesome man, you are so good with this.
You are making it such a belivable love story between the two of them just like you are with your Flutterdash story.
This is so god damn awesome I cannot wait to see what you do and I love love love the little bits we get to see before the actual chapter of Rainbow making her way to Rares in her little shop in the school.

I always love you comments. And you have good timing. There should be good news in your feed right now.

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!! It’s out hehe


Another killer chapter man, I am loving the slow and purposeful progression of making Rainbow realise she possible has feelings for Rarity and I’m loving the progression of helping rainbow to become more feminine and girlie, it’s awesome.

You are hitting all the nails on the head with the story your using everything we know about them to open them both up. It’s great, I cannot wait to see where the future sections go and I cannot wait for when you have soccer session start and show maybe just how much rarity and rainbow miss hanging out.

I always love your comments. I love this one too, but oh my god does it make not spoiling difficult. Unfortunately you will have to wait just like everyone else, even if your speculation on the future might have given me more ideas I might not have time to put in.

I think my comments are somewhat both your Muse and idea factory for helping you with these hahaha.

I cannotbwait to see the next chapter of Prom Protector with how good this one was

Great chapter. Lots of adorable moments. Rainbow Dash just can't keep her hands off Rarity at this point, can she? :rainbowkiss:

To be fair, do you think you could in her situation.:raritywink:

Pink camo, for when you need to hide in the painted desert, or stalk someone on Valentine’s Day.

I'm guessing it might help if you were trying to hide in Pinky's room too. But then yeah, pretty much out of usefulness at that point. Although you made it creepy now that I think about it. There probably is a lot of stalking on Valentine's day, and I've always wondered who this specific group of people are who buy that stuff enough for it to still be in stores. I'm suddenly even more happy I'm spoken for and completely undesirable to anyone else.

I make everything creepy. It’s either an innate talent or character flaw depending on who you ask.

Let's just call it an ability to make the world a little more interesting. That's pretty much how I view most alleged character flaws.

Seeing as another flaw of mine is rampant egomania I would have to agree.

That is an awesome answer :rainbowlaugh:and it makes your profile pic make sense.:raritywink:

I went with the pic because I’m an old school Dragon Warrior/Quest fan. That and I love the nonplussed look Rainbow is giving the slime.

Yeah, that look makes me smile every time you comment on one of my fics. But it also sounds like you might indulge in a Rainbow style gloat if prompted. I read a fic just recently where someone was stoked you had commented. Has being friends with you blinded me to some kind of fame that you have?:trixieshiftright:

Apparently I have commented on enough fics to have at least one person compare me to Justin Y. Grand total I am only aware of one person reacting as if a comment from me holds any weight or significance beyond anyone else.

Their reactions to the situation are damn near perfect.

Thanks. This chapter came together well. I've been trying to keep everything so subtle so far, I really wanted to drop a ton of bricks on them to finish.

Oh my god.
This is what I have been waiting for from this story I have been waiting for the climax and then coming to terms with their feelings and the building of their relationship to each other.
Ohhh you are so amazing, I cannot wait to see what happens with Prom Protector now that you’ve finished this.
You are an amazing writer and you are one hell of a bloody bastard for making me wait for this but awe.
Also loved that rarity shook her money makers and that’s what helped rainbow realise she loved her.

A++ on everything dude, cannot wait to see the epilogue.

Morbid curiosity as to the be safe line given the circumstances.

Oh my gods that was so beautiful.
It was awesome and amazing and aweeeee.
God I wish this story didn’t have to end it was so beautiful and loving.
It only makes me wonder what you have planned for your flutterdash story.

You really are an outstanding writer and I am so glad I started to read your fiction

Bravo. What a great climax. Definitely looking forward to the epilogue. Things came together in this chapter, but it needs the closure of an epilogue feel fully finished.

Edit: Would you look at that, I refreshed the page and the next chapter is already up.

Just things parents say. I was lightly trying to suggest that there was a chance Rarity may or may not have planned and rehearsed this whole thing for her fantasy.

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