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Just a latin american guy who wants to post his stories in the site. That's all.


Rainbow Dash and Rarity have been dating for two years now, and all the time the multicolor pegasus has kept a secret about the start of it. She will be able to share the secret in their second annyversary date? How will Rarity take it?

A hearts and hooves fanfic winner of a latin american writing contest.

Translated by myself.
Edited by MidnightFMare

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Comments ( 5 )

Ey did you wrote this fic or only translated it? I remember the original in the Spanish section of FanFiction and it was really sweet an well done. I'm Mr.E's pen by the way.

This was so sweeeet:rainbowkiss:


Hi Pen, I did both actually, I'm the same guy in fanfiction. Thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:

Eh...(Oh my gosh this was so sweet...) it wasn't too bad(It was great...) a job well done. Done well? Right... so I have thought about it and this is no less than a 3/5 and no more than a 4/5. After muling over it for about twenty minutes I've determined it to be a 3/5, if the work were expanded just a little more-even a few paragraphs-then it will have gotten a 4/5.


Hi, thanks for the comment and the rating :twilightsmile:

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