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I have no idea what I just read, HAVE A LIKE.

Fine, I'll admit it; I'm not really sure what I just read, or if I even understand. That said, I can appreciate the minimalist style this story has, and perhaps there isn't much to understand in the first place.

Hap #3 · Jan 9th, 2017 · · ·

Yeah, I don't know, either.

Fluttershy lay alone in a field on the edge of Ponyville, her eyes closed tight. She could feel the warmth of the sun on her face, the soft and dewy grass at the edges of her coat, and savoured the light breeze that brushed on by. Dragonflies buzzed as they passed overhead, and the trees dozens of metres away rustled as squirrels hopped along their branches.

But this is perfect. I want to do this. Right now. All day.

This was a nice story. I like it, though I'll second the "I'm not sure what I just read".

I’m not sure what to make of this, to be honest. The message appears to be “people change”, but the mysterious figure’s actions doesn’t make much sense. Why would they come to a tavern just to wait for ponies to show up and exposit the message of the story? Who even is the stranger? Why did they hide in the shadows before entering the tavern?

I know exactly what I just read, and all these other people are silly fools. :raritywink:

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I would personally request more bird pone though.

From you, Fourths, I expected nothing less.
I laughed a little too hard x3

Quite a prolific piece. Great start to the new year (was the word count intentional?) And it begs many questions. Part of the charm I suppose. It's a very fun story, and I now want to make it canon to my Raridash. Maybe as a dream, at least. Stay tuned, but even more importantly, stay creative like this. It's the quality content the masses must massively consume.

I read this with only one eye open. It was sobering.

Subtle surreality is sexy. We need more of this.

But not half as much as we need a sequel showing off the next step of Rainbow and Rarity.

Bring it.

10 years ago I would have been way too insecure to like a show about colorful miniature horses targeted at little girls and now I realize that a horse with a bird's head is now a metaphor for my life.

I'm much more confused now than I was 15 minutes ago. :rainbowlaugh:

I went in expecting some joke about mary sues.

I left with nothing of value whatsoever.

"Random moral from any kids show...preachy character awaaaaaaaaay!"

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