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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...


It's been exciting times for Vinyl Scratch--the hit new DJ making big waves in the music industry. And she tells anypony who asks she owes it to one wonderful mare: none other than the lovely Octavia Overture.

The public is no stranger to the talents of Miss Octavia--especially amongst the upper crust--and yet her name has been silent amongst the musical circles lately.

Though happy for her love's roaring success, Octavia sits at home alone, with her cello lying untouched for months. And tonight, Vinyl is later than usual in getting home--no doubt due to her success at becoming her own musician.

Tonight, Octavia is going to open the special cabinet.

Tonight? It may be a dream come true for Vinyl, lost in the beat and bass, but...for Octavia?...There is only the sound of silence.

Now graced by an amazing dramatic reading by the super talented, Scribbler.

Cover by the wonderful: Ori-Jami

This story is (most likely) canon in regards to the Peregrine Fanonverse.

My first go at a VinylTavia story. I had originally thought to do a much bigger story--origin tale, development of the friendship and relationship, try and get my own take on the characters and their personalities...but inspiration struck, and here we are.

I'll still write the big story and I'm almost certain this will be canon in regards to it. So, this is a snapshot--events have transpired before this and will transpire afterwards. Please do keep that in mind.

I wanted this to have a much sadder ending, even though I kind of hated myself for it, heh. But lo and behold I wrote a not-so-bad one after all. Ugh. Curse my inner idealism and desire for happy (or at least hopeful) endings. Curse you subconscious, I say!

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I like that middle bit you added. Really made everything make sense. Beautiful, lovely :raritystarry:
Keep me posted on that bigger story!

Oh and I never asked you what Al Niente meant...

It's a musical term that means "fade into silence." I thought it suitably appropriate.

I very much liked the middle part you added. It makes a lot of sense. The characterization was great, I liked the tension and the build-up and payoff were well-done. I enjoyed reading this.

Haha! Thank you ever so much. You've no idea how awesome it is to hear that.

Not a sequel, per se--I made mention that this takes place in the middle of a larger story I'm currently brainstorming. I love VinylTavia, and always wanted to do my own take with the pair--but so much has been done with them, I was worried I wouldn't be able to come up with something relatively unique/new. But I got inspired by a vision in my head of Tavi staring at a clock on the wall waiting for Vinyl to get home, and this was the result. It's gotten fairly good praise, so that's given me the confidence to do a MUCH larger, full on story--from humble beginnings to this moment to beyond.

So yes, in time, expect more VinylTavia from me! I love this pairing too much to step away.

Thanks, we'll see what happens.

Ooo...this is good.

Heh, thanks. I'm super proud of it.

You should be proud of it, because this story is wonderful.

It was all done rather well, the feeling, the emotion, the descriptions, the mood, all of it. Vinyl's powerful devotion towards Octavia really shines through, very brightly I might add, and the feeling itself is almost rocking, how dedicated to her partner she is. I now really want to see just what Octavia did for Vinyl that would cause her to feel this way, how she bolstered her career.

And man, was it sad. It hurt to see Octavia reduced to that, and I can only imagine how it made Vinyl feel. Her helplessness in that situation must have been awful, and to add insult to injury Octavia was right, while her career was extremely successful, Octavia fell into stagnation, left to spill into a rather bad place.

Whoof. I'm digressing now. Anyway, this story was really good for how small it was. A nice little look into one of the tougher spots of a relationship. Glad I read it :twilightsmile:

Thanks a lot, friend. Really appreciate the kind words.

Amazing what one can do from a simple mental image of Octavia staring at a wall clock, waiting for Vinyl to get home. I'm really glad all those emotions came through...I'm a romantic at heart, relationships are something very important to who I am as a person. It's something I specialize in the advice giving department and have had much (generally bad, but for circumstance/bad luck, rather than a failure on my part) experience with over the years. So I hope to get some of what I've felt, what I've learned onto the page for others to experience.

And for whatever reason, I wanted this to be sad--honestly, I wanted it to be SADDER. But without really meaning to, the ending comes off a little better than I wanted...not happy, per se, but hopeful. Which, I suppose, touches my 'always a happy ending' sensibilities.

This and my Album snapshot are canon to one another, with the Album bit taking place a few years before this. Eventually, I'll write a very large story (possibly looking at making a trilogy of it) covering both ponies and their relationship over many years. Or something--haha, either way, I'll do a complete ship story with this pairing. I love it too much to not.

Thanks again!

Well, I'm glad it ended the way it did. I personally think a glimmer of hope in a darkened time is a powerful thing, and obviously others agree. And on the topic of your ideas, you are one ambitious fellow, PC, it's very admirable.

So thanks for writing this story, and I hope life goes you and your project's way.

Honestly, I almost skipped this story. From the intro I thought for a second that Octavia was going to kill herself or something like that, but then I read the rest and saw that apparently it wasn't a tragic ending. And it wasn't, it's not happy but there is the chance of happiness.

Good work.

Thank you muchly. While I never intended suicide, I did initially want the ending to be much worse, much more tragic. At the time I was a bit frustrated with myself for letting my inner idealism steer the story, but now that I'm several weeks past it, I think it's a more powerful, more entertaining read this way.

If you enjoyed this, be on the lookout for my long-running VinylTavia story, first chapter probably to come in a couple weeks or so.

That was really good. I would say more, but I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words.:twilightblush:


Well, shit. :rainbowderp:

Didn't really know what I was getting into when I clicked on the link, but I like it. Although, I know a few people (PETA) would be pissed at you letting wild feels loose everywhere. Hope you've got a pretty big net. :raritywink:
All in all, I like it. A brief glimpse into a dark, though just as brief time in Octavia Overture's life, and what her beloved DJ plans to do to fix things. Ah, shit, the feels just came up and kicked my shin. :twilightangry2:
I'll be back later, after I've rounded them up and sent them back to you to deal with. :rainbowlaugh:

Why thank you! This is one of my prouder shorts, especially considering the inspiration. I actually intended the ending to be more depressing, but my subconscious added some hope there at the end.

I've actually gotten back around to working on my big VinylTavia fic--once DitR is finished, and I have time for my own solo projects, I fully expect to get that started sometime soon.

If it's okay, there's a dramatic reading of your story.

Looks like your hard work paid off there, good job.:twilightsmile:

Hello, what a pleasant surprise! Two of my short now have readings; that is super exciting.

Thanks for the link, I'll listen right away!

You're welcome, my friend. And congratulations by the way, you've earned it.:twilightsmile:

Just finished and I am so blown away. I don't know if I've earned it or not, but hot damn is it good. Really made my day. Heh, and here I had been thinking of trying out some story readings myself... Noooow, not so much, heh. I couldn't do even close to as good as this.

Author Interviewer

Easily the second-best ScratchTavia I've read, speaking as someone who generally dislikes that ship.

I may just be saying this because Vinyl is ruining Octavia's life. :V (But I'm not, there's so much to like about this.)

Thank you muchly and for the kind review. It's weird seeing a piece I haven't even really looked at in, uh, nigh on three years get all this attention lately. Not that I can complain, when it's likely the best completed short I have.

I wish there was a follow up. I watched a youtube version this. High quality stuff man.

Yeah, Scribbler's reading was awesome.

There's not a follow up, per se, but this is canon to a much larger, multi-chaptered fic I'm currently writing that I hope to start releasing chapters either later this year or early next year to. It'll start before this, showing the events that led to it, and also go well beyond it.

Thanks for the comment, mate, appreciate it.

6432173 No problem man. I can't wait for the bigger story that leads to this. I should hop onto our my pony fanfic.

Very powerful fan fic here, beautifully written and an intesting insight to how one such outcome for the price of fame and relationships can clash like this. :twilightsmile:

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