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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...


Though Spike is often the most dependable of assistants, he can have his off days. His accidents.

On the day he spills ink all over Owlowicious, Twilight will discover something that will change all of their lives forever.

Now with its own Audio Reading by konfics, here!

Part one of the Pony's Best Friend series.
Part two: In progress.
Part three: Planning.
Part four: Planning.
Part five: Planning.
Part six: Planning.

This started out as my response to the One Word Prompts thread on the Collab Cage. The response is just supposed to be 100-500 words, but it just kept going. So here is. Thanks to Therizzen for the word, which was Ink.

Preread by KartalTheWriter, Lapison, Therizzen, and TypewriterError.

Not canon to my fanonverse.

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It's been a long wait for Grey Tiercel, ex-Manehattan Police Department detective, but soon he'll be back in the game of chasing criminals and solving cases. Just as soon as his investigator's license arrives.

Too bad nopony told the criminals to wait.

It's just a cutpurse, but Grey Tiercel has been cooped up for too long to stand by and do nothing. The chase reminds him why he took up the badge. The streets call out for his return.

But this simple chase of a simple thief will turn out to be just the beginning of the legend, so closely whispered amongst the forgotten of the city. And so angrily cried by those who would hide in the city's darkness.

This is when the Hawk takes flight.

A part of my Manehattan Chronicles: Breaking Ground and Building Blocks series of shorts.

The city of Manehattan is home to an endless number of stories--some good, some bad; some long and some short; some filled with joy and others the unfortunate victims of tragedy. This is what some call Life, but others a joke. The day by day activities of the players that inhabit this city of opportunity are just as varied. Anypony can have a good day that makes them or a bad day that breaks them.

These are the excerpts of just a few who--by their choice or by Fate--are forced to live and survive in Equestria's shining, ebon jewel.

Grey Tiercel cover by Spaced.

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You heard right, friends and fellows--The Album 2 has been begun! Sign up today!

Interested in joining more collabs? Then come to The Collab Cage! A group that hopes to be ALL things collab for this entire fandom!

The Album is a collaborative project between over seventy different authors. This project was designed to not only create something entirely unique and creative, but to test these authors to write in a different manner than they might normally be used to. The exercise was to take a single character--one per author and no repeats--and imagine a mental 'snapshot' of them during daily life, during a Moment we might not normally see or even think about, and write a story from said picture. So enjoy this collection of short Slice of Life tales--and be sure to check out each author's page and stories. They've worked hard to produce something amazing; please reward them for their effort!

Note: Individual Snapshots are posted in a random order (including my own), with one or two more added per day. Character tags and Rating are subject to change, but each individual snapshot will be marked appropriately.

There's still room for more; visit The Album and see if there's anypony remaining you would like to write.

Cover made by: Skunkiss
Edited by: Peregrine Caged


In anypony's life, there are the big days--tragedies and adventures, moments of loss and love, treasured memories to share and never forget.

But for every single day that comes once in a lifetime, there are hundreds that pass by unnoticed. Sometimes the simplest of moments can have just as much importance and life as the dramatic ones.

Here one can find snapshots of these moments--the every day, often unseen or even unregarded days of the lives of a variety of ponies.

Because every picture, no matter how common, is worth a thousand words.

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It's a normal sort of day when Blue Collar returns home to see his adopted daughter Topsy Turvy entertaining herself with her crayons and incredibly creative drawings. He's had a long day at work and kicks back to watch a little TV, where a troubling report is playing on the news. What's a father to do when the whole world seems destined to bring unbridled chaos into an impressionable young mind?

I'm unsure if this is canon or not, in regards to my fanonverse. We'll say tentatively yes, until I decide on if I want to do anything with Screwball. I love the idea of her--and absolutely adore 'Daddy Discord', I'm just not sure if she has a place in my own 'verse yet, heh.


Just a simple little piece, I got bit by a desire to write a very short Slice of Life and nothing else. Dumbfounded on what to write about, I asked and between Bronymaster and Sunnydaze I was given two words: Screwball and tornadoes. Well, what the heck am I to do with that? But gave it about twenty minutes and bam, idea. And here you go.

Super short, but I hope you got a decent kick out of it, heh. Sometimes you just gotta write something short and silly.

Also, credit on the title (which I suck at) goes to Merc the Jerk. It was bloody perfect. I'm almost sad to use it on something so quick and done. ...perhaps there's a series of shorts here? This must be investigated.

Cover art belongs to cactusheart--whom I wanted to ask directly for permission, but sadly did not get a reply in time. So I may well remove it eventually...I really don't like using it without talking to the artist, but...I want a cover. So...yes.

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It's been exciting times for Vinyl Scratch--the hit new DJ making big waves in the music industry. And she tells anypony who asks she owes it to one wonderful mare: none other than the lovely Octavia Overture.

The public is no stranger to the talents of Miss Octavia--especially amongst the upper crust--and yet her name has been silent amongst the musical circles lately.

Though happy for her love's roaring success, Octavia sits at home alone, with her cello lying untouched for months. And tonight, Vinyl is later than usual in getting home--no doubt due to her success at becoming her own musician.

Tonight, Octavia is going to open the special cabinet.

Tonight? It may be a dream come true for Vinyl, lost in the beat and bass, but...for Octavia?...There is only the sound of silence.

Now graced by an amazing dramatic reading by the super talented, Scribbler.

Cover by the wonderful: Ori-Jami

This story is (most likely) canon in regards to the Peregrine Fanonverse.

My first go at a VinylTavia story. I had originally thought to do a much bigger story--origin tale, development of the friendship and relationship, try and get my own take on the characters and their personalities...but inspiration struck, and here we are.

I'll still write the big story and I'm almost certain this will be canon in regards to it. So, this is a snapshot--events have transpired before this and will transpire afterwards. Please do keep that in mind.

I wanted this to have a much sadder ending, even though I kind of hated myself for it, heh. But lo and behold I wrote a not-so-bad one after all. Ugh. Curse my inner idealism and desire for happy (or at least hopeful) endings. Curse you subconscious, I say!

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Twilight Sparkle considers her owly assistant, Owlowicious, an invaluable helper and a wonderful friend.

But what if he's more than he initially seems?

The history books tell many tales of the great Star Swirl the Bearded, one of Equestria's most famous and talented unicorn wizards. But suspiciously, they are quiet on what ultimately became of the skillful stallion. Is there anypony who might know his ultimate fate?

Just one, and he says, "Hoo!"

In Equestria's distant past, before Celestia and Luna ruled, a magical experiment will be performed that will forever change the fate of Star Swirl the Bearded and help create the one and only Owlowicious we all know and love today.

This is their tale.


This idea was originally given to me by the ever talented DreamWings. Please, check out her stuff--it's good. The cover was done by her, as well.

As with everything I write (unless otherwise noted), this takes place in what I shall officially call the Peregrine Fanonverse. The rules are simple: the show and all creator (Faust) canon is law, absolute fact not to be ignored or contradicted. Everything I write takes place in the same universe. This means references may be made to other stories on the occasion. But I will do my best to keep individual stories set apart enough to not be a problem. Otherwise, feel free to ask me any questions--I welcome any and all, and will answer almost anything.

One detail about this story specifically: transcribing an episode is tiring work, so I stopped this at a natural ending point. However, one day I will return and finish--I want all of "Owl's Well That Ends Well" in it. I will make an announcement when I do. Probably within the next month. Thank you for your understanding...and enjoy!

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We've all heard barely the vaguest of details describing the earliest days of Luna and Celestia--that they defeated Discord before ruling Equestria in Harmony; that eventually Luna grew jealous of her sister and the day; that Celestia defeated Luna-turned-Nightmare Moon. But what happened really?

Where does a being like Discord come from? Why are Luna and Celestia so different from everypony else?

Celestia, Luna and Discord may be the only ones alive today who know. In light of the recent near-tragedies that have befallen Equestria, Celestia has endeavored to make a record of this history, her memories, to be delivered to Twilight Sparkle when the time is right. This is result of her efforts.

This is the truth.


This story will present a (hopefully) canonically safe origin for Discord, Luna and Celestia--where they came from, how they got their powers, why Luna and Celestia are immortal/larger than other ponies/etc. The plan also includes an explanation/detail of Nightmare Moon--the hows and whys.

Furthermore, it will tell the stories of the interactions between these characters, including a bit of CelestiaCord. That portion inspired directly by the excellent song "Monster" by Aviators and Omnipony.

It will also examine the early history of Equestria (though still several hundred years after the founding).

Or at least, that's the plan. (Edit: Tags will be added as I get there--that's probably a more proper way to be. But fully expect this to hit Tragedy and a bit of Romance, eventually.)

Request: Hey, did you read this story and enjoy it? Are you a generous artist with some time on your hands? Or perhaps you'd accept a trade of art for fiction? I'd really like to commission a cover page for this story. Hit me up if you're willing or interested in talking trades.

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