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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...


Twilight Sparkle considers her owly assistant, Owlowicious, an invaluable helper and a wonderful friend.

But what if he's more than he initially seems?

The history books tell many tales of the great Star Swirl the Bearded, one of Equestria's most famous and talented unicorn wizards. But suspiciously, they are quiet on what ultimately became of the skillful stallion. Is there anypony who might know his ultimate fate?

Just one, and he says, "Hoo!"

In Equestria's distant past, before Celestia and Luna ruled, a magical experiment will be performed that will forever change the fate of Star Swirl the Bearded and help create the one and only Owlowicious we all know and love today.

This is their tale.


This idea was originally given to me by the ever talented DreamWings. Please, check out her stuff--it's good. The cover was done by her, as well.

As with everything I write (unless otherwise noted), this takes place in what I shall officially call the Peregrine Fanonverse. The rules are simple: the show and all creator (Faust) canon is law, absolute fact not to be ignored or contradicted. Everything I write takes place in the same universe. This means references may be made to other stories on the occasion. But I will do my best to keep individual stories set apart enough to not be a problem. Otherwise, feel free to ask me any questions--I welcome any and all, and will answer almost anything.

One detail about this story specifically: transcribing an episode is tiring work, so I stopped this at a natural ending point. However, one day I will return and finish--I want all of "Owl's Well That Ends Well" in it. I will make an announcement when I do. Probably within the next month. Thank you for your understanding...and enjoy!

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This was a very fun read! I've heard the Owlowicious = Starswirl theories before, but I can't really name one story that actually went into detail as to how it happened or, more importantly, what was going through his mind while it did. Again, fun ride! Good job mate!

Thank ye, thank ye. It was actually the wonderful DreamWing's idea, she just let me write it. I need to add that in the description.

Also, while this is technically done, I cheated. I want to go through the rest of the episode of "Owl's Well That Ends Well" but the temptation to end it and post it got too high. When I add in that section, I'll be sure make an announcement.

This thing has been here for only a few hours, and already has gotten nearly half as many views and more thumbs up than my other (Imo much better) story. I'm glad people enjoy it but...That's a bit frustrating, hehe. Guess what they say is true, much easier to get peeps to read shorter, more complete things.

Oh well, expect more from me!

*Glances over at own 128,400 word monstrosity* Tell me about it...also, yes I will look forward to more in the future :twilightsmile:

I'm sorry I haven't read your piece yet and given you a critique. I'm trying to get everything organized...so many things keep happening. Reviews and critiques to do, stories to write, my promotions in Author Support and my reviewer responsibilities there...but I haven't forgotten! I'll keep my promise.

Aww, why couldn't it have been Star Swirl sneezing? Then I could have made the joke!

*raised eyebrow* What joke?

Also, heh, because he isn't the literal embodiment of Chaos.

Good story! ^_^ Have you read the Last Quest of Star Swirl the Bearded? Totally worth the read, it was epic! I like this one too, great job :pinkiehappy:

I have not, though I think I have seen it floating around. Honestly, I don't have the time to really READ anymore, heh. But perhaps I shall put it in my To Read list and get to it...eventually, heh.

Thanks for everything! Glad you liked it!

You're welcome! In fact everything I've favorited is worth the read if you're interested ^_^

It sounded familiar because it was already there, heh. Perhaps I'll check out your list. Grazie.

Please tell me that theres a sequel, this is an AWESOME story with so much potential :applecry::applecry: Moarrrr :raritycry:

Hahah.... I can't describe to you the feeling of seeing someone come in, like my story, fave it, and comment on it...and then ask for a sequel to a silly one-shot about a pony turning into an owl that I was probably never going to touch ever again! Oh lord, the irony.

...OK, so question for you, serious this time: why do you want a sequel? What do you see in a sequel?

I dont know whether I would like to see Star Swirl turn back into a pony or not. And the whole idea is interesting and totally original! Its got a lot of potential, and I haven't seen that many good star swirl the bearded fictions so far. I would love to see this be continued and extenuated :pinkiehappy: I would like to see Star Swirl appear before the mane six and the Princesses and surprise them, or maybe defend them from Discord or the Changelings :rainbowkiss: Do it dude!! For the children!!

Sequel sounds good to me. :trollestia:

You're the second person to try and use that pic to get me to do something and one of many to use the CMC.

Heh, I don't like the CMC, so that won't work.

...but, I can see what you mean by there being potential. So maybe... I can't say anything for sure at this point--but I think it's a half safe bet to say you haven't seen the last of Star Swirl the owl from me quite yet.

Your support, lass, as ever, is appreciated.

Now that picture, good sir, gets you ALL of my yes.

Yo. Guess what? I finally read this. :raritywink:

Now for a complete opinion...not. As much as possible then. Djess.
Anyway, in all seriousness I really enjoyed this. The diction in the very beginning in particular drew me in quite effectively. I also rather love that you ended this whole thing with a major theme. I absolutely adore that. ...this is going to sound really dumb to say, but I also found it rather reassuring (no, that's not the word I want, but I can't think of anything better...) that there was a clear beginning, middle, and end to this story. :facehoof: Yeah, that was dumb, but it's something I usually find hard to pick out, don't judge me :raritydespair:.
Furthermore (ooh, now that's a word I never get to use) I immensely enjoyed your characterization of Star Swirl/Owlowicious (I think I spelled that right but I can't prove it).
Overall...it was just so very rich and well thought out I don't really have a word for it. Very very well done!

...That proved it--he had...

All other places where you use Emdashes you use this version—for the sake of consistency you should probably change this.

Also I am loving what I have read so far :raritystarry:


I found another one later on, you should probably control-f search for "--."


I fact it looks like all Emdash use in the second half of the story uses the "--" method.

Fun fact--while I was writing this story was when I first discovered GDocs (as you've noticed, when I was about halfway through) and thus switched over to writing on it fully, rather than Open Office. Open Office (like Word) has an auto-correct where it'll turn two hyphens into a solid em dash. GDocs does not. While I agree with you on the consistency, know that I'm aware they exist and will fix them, eventually. Since there's a major addition I need to make to this story, I'm just waiting till I decide to finally do that.

Thanks for the comment, though!

want more. can Star Swirl meet Tia, Luna, and Discord again :applecry: plz

It's likely. I've got many plans for all of them, past and present and future. Thanks for the fave and support. I appreciate it, greatly.

Never thought about Star Swirl being the owl. Anything I know about Star Swirl prior to this delightful story was a Doctor Whooves comic :derpytongue2:
Thanks for the good read.:twilightsmile: Now...time to peruse your other stories.:pinkiehappy:

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