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After discovering that Cadence is not who she appears to be, Twilight is sent to another world entirely by the disguised Changeling Queen to avoid her plan being disrupted.
When Twilight lands, she discovers that not only have Spike, Owlowiscious and Peewee followed her, but that they've arrived in a world where the main sentient species is human.
There's still a place where they teach magic, though.
Crossover with Harry Potter. Twilight will be effectively taking the role of Hermione.

I've marked this story as cancelled to reflect the unlikelihood of it continuing. If I do come back to it I'll revert that.

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Harry Potter, oh my fucking yes. If you screw this up, I will find you and I will kill you.

This is a rather excellent start to the story. Very believeable, as these things go.

Also, this is, so far, on of the best crossovers with Harry Potter I've seen for MLP. Only other really good one I've seen was The Wizard and the Lonely Princess by Harry Leferts. Good going! :twilightsmile:

This.....Is.....Awesome.Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

I think it would have been simpler to handwave Twilights horn as a wand equivalent. Frankly it feels like it makes more sense to distance her from the standard Harry Potter magic. Research and spike wanting to learn magic here are enough excuse to have her hang around anyway. Using materials from themselves for the wands was a nice touch though; them being innately magic shouldn't be ignored. Eliminating most of her ability to teleport was also a good move and had a very reasonable explanation.

Eliminating Hermionne feels like a really bad move, though. They are quite distinct, even if they are both nerds (twilight is much more unstable, for example), and it becomes way too easy to settle into just repeating the book with a slightly altered character and viewpoint. Twilight is more or less an adult while the HP cast are teenagers, and trying to replace one with Twilight would be weird, especially since she is already a skilled practitioner of magic and her main motivation for being here is to find a way home. I think I'd almost rather see Twilight be more like castle staff in relation to Harry; maybe she is dragged into some key parts of the adventure, but mostly she's a mentor or elder friend, or maybe she is placed with the new students but maintains a bit of distance.

Chrysalis and the Alicirns' exposition at the beginning was really stilted and was a really transparent info dump; I know they will not be seen again but consider fixing it up to avoid scaring away new readers by starting with such a poor quality intro.


There's a good reason, from the Equestrians' point of view, to both get wands and to go through the regular process of schooling. And it's this:
Twilight is already able to cast magic. But this form of magic does not require that one already have a horn. If she learns how it is done, and also how one manufactures wands, she can essentially bring this new form of magic to Equestria.
As the reciprocal, once she's a bit more used to the Potterverse form of magic she could well provide some education herself, on things like innate (wandless) magic. But that's for later.
The basic premise of this is, essentially, Twilight in Hermionie's place. But that by no means is going to have me follow the same path. As you say, Twilight is indeed effectively an adult, and she's not one to be ruffled by the same kind of things that got to Hermionie. Conversely, though, she's likely to know different things and solve problems in a different way.

Harry Potter crosssover? :rainbowkiss: Definetely worth a track. Let's see how this goes.

The awesomeness is strong with this one. Tracked!

Looks good enough. Hopefully it won't take too long to update.

Given how many fics I have on the go, no promises...
Sorry, this is just what happens.

1750626 As long as it doesn't get cancelled unexpectedly, I'm fine with it.

1.why hasn't this been done before?:applejackconfused:
2.diagonally... wow... how could I NOT notice that.:rainbowderp:

1) Not sure, but for me it grew out of the Time Loops fic concept. I have How To Train Your Dragon time loops on another site, and the MLP-crossover Loop had Hiccup replace Twilight. Twilight was shunted over to the Potterverse.
2)There's another pun in the Potterverse which is very similar - the place you would expect most business to be done nocturn-ally. Possibly that I used to listen to the audio books a lot helped.
3) I'll see what I can do, though I have many other fics on the go too.

I look forward to more, seeing Draco have a fit about this should be priceless.

The best bit is that, being the daughter of two unicorns and from a predominantly unicorn town, it is extremely likely that Twilight is (by the standard definition) pureblood.

1750900 A good point though if I recall right to be pureblood by Potterverse standerds all four grandparents need to be magical foke. while it's likely that this is true with Twilight we can't be sure. what with the... interesting case of Pound and Pumpkin's genetics. With the additinal kicker of being trained in magic by what amounts to a sung goddess who sees her as a daughter, is good friends with the moon goddess as well, her foalsitter and now sister-in-law is the rightfull heir to the crystal empire to be honest Twilight's probibly the best diplomat Equestria could ask for given her connections to the Equestrian royalty.

Small question: why haven't Twilight & Spike encountered the Hogwarts ghosts yet?

1750939 Which is why I say "likely" - given the town, it's statistically likely that Twilight's grandparents were all unicorns (though by no means certain). I think I'm going to assume it is the case, just to irritate Draco.
(Be funny if the closest non-unicorn were three generations back, and was either a pegasus so skilled with weather manipulation they were effectively a lightning mage or an earth pony whose special ability was to nullify magic... still magic, just not spellcasting)
And yes, Twilight is effectively a courtier - though a less social one than usual - along with a laundry list of other qualifications.
Though, remember... Twilight's sum total of accurate knowledge on the Cadence situation is that the real Cadence is alive, and that the one who sent her here wasn't that one.

1751013 They usually keep to themselves, especially outside term time. They introduced themselves to the students at the feast, which is when Twilight will likely meet them as well - she's only been in the castle from ten or so AM until eight PM, which is when she fell asleep (it felt more like ten or eleven PM to her, due to interdimensional jet lag)

1751016 Fair points all and also reminds me of the idea I have for Twilight's matrenal grandpa heh.

1751029 So it's only been one day? Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.
... I just had a very interesting thought pop up, and it went something like this:
Twilight tearing Gilderoy Lockheart a new one.

Need I say more? :trollestia:

This looks very promising so far. I'm eager to see how things will be different from HP books with Twilight replacing Hermione. Will she follow Harry and Ron in Gryffindor house, or will she join Ravenclaw, the house who values intelligence, knowledge and wit?... and I really REALLY hope Spike won't go in Slytherin...

Yeah, just the day so far. Bit of a long one for Twi and Spike, actually, since they got about two hours of dimension-jump jet lag, but still just the day.

As I'm sure you know, people are sorted according to their primary characteristics. That is, which is the most prominent. (Though it would seem that an actual request can override that).
Since the Hat speaks to the characters it sorts, I can provide my personal reasoning then.


Sure, I didn't mean to force you to take one, of course not... I was just wondering about some possibilities, as a reader. :twilightsheepish:

How many of the Harry Potter books will this go through?

As many as I can get to, I think. She's going to be around for a while... Twilight basically has to invent a way home.
Chrysalis sent her to a random destination, not knowing where she'd be ending up... Twilight does know the time-travel spell, which is a good place to start, but imagine yourself stuck in Roman times and needing an aircraft.
In addition, Twilight's got the idea that if she learns how this world's magic works she can bring it back to Equestria and teach a non-unicorn-specific form of magic. So that's a good incentive to complete a full seven years...

Right. I'm guessing Hermione will make an appearance when the Triwizard Tournament comes to Hogwarts, right? I don't think she would pass up a chance to compare Beauxbatons lessons to Hogwarts lessons.

Pretty much. Even if she's not eligible to actually participate, she's still an English native in Beauxbatons and hence probably the best person to take along to translate, both culturally and linguistically.

Very nice, writing flows well enough and is easy to read. Looking forward to seeing the Equestrians introduction to the general student body and how having a Brilliant, but scary (to borrow a phrase) friend who does not have the same confidence and authority issues that Hermione is depicted as having will affect Harry. I also have to wonder, is this going to span all seven years? Will anyone leave with Twilight when she goes home?

All seven years, yes (if I get to them), for two reasons at least.
One, Twilight's having to invent a way home. Which is hardly an easy proposition...
Two, she's planning on introducing this form of "hornless magic" back home. Because, well, it might well not be restricted to unicorns. And for that, she'll need to have gone through the complete education process so she understands how to teach it.
And at least three people will be leaving with Twilight...
Spike, Peewee, and Owlowiscious, of course.

Will each book be its own story, or will it all be compiled into one story?

Snape's reaction to them will be interesting to read. :pinkiehappy:

You have my full attention.

1753272 No idea yet. Probably one story, or at least that's my inclination.

1753367 It would probably be a good idea to do that to prevent a Fallout Equestria and have over a hundred chapters

...is that a bad thing? #ComesFromFanfiction.net

Can you at least title when a new part starts so that we don't lose track of where we are in the story?

1756444 Sure thing. I'll probably put a big "start of year N" at the chapter which has, well, September the First. That work?

Here's a thought, I wounder how the centaurs would reguard Twilight?

With about as healthy a dose of confusion as everyone else, I shouldn't wonder. Though more because of her colouring (as I recall, Potterverse unicorns are white or gold, and Twilight is lavender/pink/dark purple) than because of a sentient equine.
Spike... would just confuse them.

1757046 True, this actualy came to mind when I thought of te scene in Order of the Pheonix when Harry and Hermyonie led umbridge into the forest toward's Grawp. Though now that I think on it I'll be the ministry will be throwing fits from day one and the taod herself will never give her a moment's rest.

My reading of the situation is that Umbridge came to her position as a result of the reshuffle following the "Parting of the Ways", when Fudge decided that Dumbledore was somehow dangerous to associate with and tried to clear his cabinet of Dumbledore's partisans (and replace them with those opposed to Dumbles' views).
Hence, before that she was some manner of junior undersecretary.
Pre-book 1 the political situation is more along the lines of how it took threats to support criticism of Dumbledore. Oh, there may be the occasional check ("strictly routine, of course...") to see that Twilight is indeed a Being rather than a Beast - and the same for Spike - but I suspect that the wording of their laws is such that they only ban specific types of Being from having wands rather than only permitting humans.
With that in place, any attempt to change things and disallow the possession or use of wands by either unicorns or dragons would have to take place then-and-there, and fortunately Dumbledore does have all his political capital at this point.

1757103 Hmm that makes sense though both the ministery and wizarding Britten atleast seem to be be very... xenophobic. Even guys like Arthor Weasly seem to regaurd muggles as something of a curiousty, Hagrid and Lupin get no end of grief from the ministry, and well Voldermort wouldn't have followers at all fi there wasn't a large number of people who saw merit in his ideas. Minorty or nut wizarding Britten seems to have some issue to work out. Harry himself makes a point of this when he ponders the foutain in the Ministry atrium that seems to show how the wizard view the major magical races with only house evles being protrayed properly.

1757138 Very much so, yes, but my reading of it is that pre-Goblet it's merely an undercurrent. More of the attitude towards "heathen savages who need civilization" than anything, which is at least a fairly British precedent, and more passive than active prejudice... It's when Voldemort returns and starts stirring things up that peoples' fear begins to crystallize - and, lacking the ability to push back at Voldemort's followers, they instead push at the Muggles and magical creatures.

1757193 Witch is odd given that J.K.R. herself says that firearms beat wizards and given the numbers muggles have and how reclusiciv wizards are they know very little of muggle tech much less tactics you'd thing the last thing they'd wish to do is to wake the sleeping giant.

Tying this back to Twilight and FiM in geniral learning not only about her but also the possiblities that she proove namely other worlds, and how diffrent they can be is only going to stirr things up more. Especialy given the level of magic in Equestria. Litch like life insurance or not I don't think that Voldermort would wish to cross Celestia should he learn about her.

Given what Wizards are like, they probably think muggles would still burn magical people at the stake. And it's easy to remain a secret (at least up to the turn of the century) with memory-affecting magic and muggle-repelling charms and the like. After computerization becomes much more of a thing, I'd expect the Statute to eventually snap.

Celestia would indeed be frankly terrifying for Voldemort.
:trollestia: Immortal causing trouble? They can do it...
(wait for it)
:trollestia:on the MOON!
But, then, Twilight's going to take a looong time to invent her way back. (She does have to manage what nobody in either world has managed before, after all!)
And yes, there are indeed quite substantial implications for universal travel.

1757275 The wizarding world is in for a HELL of a shock when they see how far along the muggles are once they can't hide anymore. Google maps and GPS don't care about enchantments or the like.

Indeed, even if she didn't send him to the moon she'd still be a real threat, given that she moves the sun about she could crush him into a tiny cube of flesh and bone.

Then there's Luna who definetly would react well were she to find out about a whole socity giving one of her cloest friends greif.

As for inner world travel that opens up so many cans of worms you could feed the pidgions from Finding Nemo to bursting.

On an unrelated side note I think that Kefka of Final Fantasy Six would be horrifying beyond all reason to the Equestrians. I think even Discord and Sombra would be waery of him. Discord just likes being chaotic and messing with people's heads, Sombra wants power plain and simple? Kefka? the guy who wants to "Create a monument to nonexistnce" is a whole new level of horrifying for them. But enough about me gushing about my fave RPG and villian. Back to the fic.

Twilight and Spike were introduced to the house elves, this means they were taken to the kitchens yes?

Well, it's still 1991. I don't know if the GPS constellation was even up, then, let alone descrambled. And depending on the wording, those might qualify as "maps" for the purposes of "Unplottable". It all comes down to, you'd need a specific reason to look in a specific place, and with the tech available then you might well find the place... but getting that reason and initial place to look at first is the tricky bit. I mean, if they just make it look like the Lake includes the area on which Hogwarts stands to all non-magical people viewing it unless they know the truth? That'd cover it for the most part.

Basically, yes - it's a special case thanks to one being an obligate silicivore and the other being a non-carnivore. (I'd say herbivore, but... well... cakes, which have egg in them.)

1757333 I think civilion grade GPS came about around '95 or so. I'm not quite sure but still the militaries of the world had GPS before civilions did, while not as accurate as today it was still there. As for GPS and things like Google maps, I think it would be able to get by the enchantments as spells that make things unplottible and the like were designed with humans be they magical or not involved. Wizards barly seem to have radio I doubt they'd know much about video cameras much less how to fool them without raising suspition amungs the muggles who use/own them.

Also one threat to the wizarding world that NOONE seems to considder much less even suspect is the spurnned muggleborn, or none pureblood wizard. I mean think about say the Creevey brothers raised in the nonemagical world yet having enough talent to enter Hogwarts. What happens if one of them is so shafted by the pureblood biased system so much that they're willing to risk death or worse to drop the hammer on the wizarding world? It wouldn't take much like say deminstrating a broomstick at the world cup, or olympics no way the wizards could cover that up.

As for spike's diet, I think he can eat meats as well but simpaly preferrs gemstones. Twilight I'd considder her a vegitarian though not a strict one. I met one who was so strict that she wouldn't eat food cooked on a grill that had been used to cook meat before, even though it was reguarly cleaned.

I'm basically using the assumption that there are a few people in the wizarding world who know how to actually properly maintain the veil of secrecy. (Like, say, the Department of Mysteries). A story about how the non-magical world found out about wizards is a good read... but it's not the story I'm aiming for here.
Hell, we can extrapolate that from the simple fact that Arthur Weasely's Car (a large metal flying thing going north over much of the UK without a flight plan) didn't eat a Rapier missile in book two.

Anyways. The assumption I make is that he needs the gems for nutrition (his skin, claws and teeth are made of HARD stuff, if he can chew on gemstones!) but not for anything else, so they can be reduced to the "supplement" level. Spike's main diet can be just about anything. (Baked bads as a delicacy being just one example).

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