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MLP Loops side story - the Wedding of Russ and Nyx · 1:24am Sep 21st, 2016

The Wedding of Russ and Nyx, being a sprawling thing of ridiculous length, is being handled by Evilhumour over on his page. The link is here:
It will be progressively updated.
The chapters not posted on FimFic (at first) are the ones which are primarily 40K based. The ones which are on FimFic (first) are - I am assured - reasonably comprehensible for someone who's read the MLP Loops.

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If... · 5:24am Jun 12th, 2014

If my loop 6.1 made you decide not to read the Lunaverse... then go give it a go and decide for yourself. For goodness' sake, I'm only Someone On The Internet, I could be Wrong. (I was, in at least one factual way.)
That's quite apart from how 6.1 is the worst thing I've written in the past year and change. (At least I hope it is; if not, there's a real stinker somewhere.)

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The Unicorn at Hogwarts has updated (Ch.8, May 31) · 10:22am Jun 1st, 2014

Apparently the fav thing didn't alert everyone. So this is in case someone didn't get the fav-alert.

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The MLP Loops now have a Trope page · 10:49pm Dec 19th, 2013

This trope page is shared with the Innortal loops. But putting tropes on from either fic is fine, they don't have to be common to both my loops and Innortals' ones.

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Huh. · 10:11pm Nov 13th, 2013

It would appear that Unicorn at Hogwarts now has a Trope page.

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Politics and ponies. · 10:08am Jul 13th, 2013

Equestria's Government

I never actually state it outright in the loops, though I may in other fics, but here's the system I picture for the Equestrian government.
The ruler/s are the princess/es, and basically function as an executive branch. Fair amount of discretionary power.
The legal system is common-law.
The legislature (let's call it Parliament, and say it has 500 seats - it could be more, but I'm using that as a sample maximum number. They're basically never all filled.)

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I done goofed. (MLP Time Loops) · 8:35pm May 22nd, 2013

Unfortunately, the "Ranma in Equestria" loop by Filraen was not in fact in a finished state, and I badly jumped the gun on adding it to the compiled version of the MLP Loops.
I have since removed it, and replaced it with the "Nanoha letter" from MLP Loops 4 (which was itself misplaced, as it wasn't supposed to be grouped with the two looping Royal Sisters).

Sorry about my screw-ups, everyone... hopefully this'll get sorted out.

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Unicorn at Hogwarts updated · 5:51pm May 14th, 2013

I've gone back over the chapters so far written and added more description to break up the "talking heads" that was going on, by a bit. Hope that makes it a bit easier to read.

I'd also appreciate it if people would give it a look over to see if they spot grammar mistakes, since I'm still thinking of sending this fic to Equestria Daily. (As for the problem with the plot... er, I'm going to ask for a different pre reader?)

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Strike One (Equestria Daily rejection of Unicorn at Hogwarts) · 9:30pm May 8th, 2013

Well, that was revealing...
Due to some kind of screw up, I got the "Don't send" portion of my EqD rejection, as well as the "Send" portion. It is as follows.

=== DON'T SEND ===

Talking heads and a boring rehash of canon events from Harry Potter. To the moon.

=== SEND ===

Thank you for submitting your story to Equestria Daily. Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend it for posting. This is your first strike of a possible three.

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Translation (Spanish) · 4:20pm Apr 18th, 2013

If there's anyone who would be interested in seeing The Unicorn at Hogwarts in Spanish, you might be interested in seeing this piece of work, currently in progress.

This guy asked me if he could translate the fic to Spanish and post it, and I said "yeah, sure". So, there it is.

Just thought that might be interesting.

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