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Ah, grammar. · 3:56pm Apr 14th, 2013

Here's the examples I was given of how I messed up the spelling/capitalization/comma use:

Canon spelling is Cadance.

>Changeling Queen
Neither of these words should be capitalized.

>Spike materialized next to her, and fell off the log.
In compound predicates, there is no comma before the conjunction holding it together.

Hope those examples help.

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Wonder what this means... (Equestria Daily) · 10:31pm Apr 11th, 2013

Thank you for your submission. However, due to issues with comma use, spelling, and capitalization, it cannot be forwarded to the pre-readers. This does not count as a strike.

All the best,
The EqD Team

Any idea what they mean?
This was The Unicorn at Hogwarts that they're referring to - if anyone spots a wrongly used comma, misspelling (remember, I use British commas and spelling, and so informed them) or wrong capitalization, let me know....

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Equestria Daily? · 11:14pm Apr 2nd, 2013

Who thinks I should try submitting my fic "The Unicorn at Hogwarts" to Equestria Daily?
I don't know if it's good enough, basically, or rather I don't know if it will be accepted - I've had bad experiences before (I won't recapitulate them now, it's in my earlier blog posts).
But this fic has done well enough, I feel like I might give it a shot.
Any thoughts, pro or anti?

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Limit Break · 8:50pm Mar 31st, 2013

In the Exalted game series, from White Wolf, one of the mechanics that the characters must contend with is "Limit Break" (or equivalents, depending on character). Essentially, having a magical superweapon grafted to one's soul is kind of destabilizing, and so occasionally a character will crack, and go into Limit Break. From TV Tropes:

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Pre reader · 10:56am Dec 25th, 2012

I made a mistake or two with the first chapter of Unicorn at Hogwarts - which have now been corrected. I've finished the second chapter, and would just like someone available to give it a once over to make sure it works alright. Anyone free at the moment?

I just need one person, and I'll PM them the story password and chapter URL.

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Group rules and clarity · 10:08am Dec 24th, 2012

Groups often have rules. This is of course fine, especially the ones about what can be submitted to the group. It's the right of the group admins to make rules, clearly define them, and enforce them.
Less fine, though only slightly, is the rules on where within the group a fic may go. They are still fine, it's simply that those who already watch a group will see the new fic regardless of which folder it goes into.

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Another Weber pony fic. · 12:43am Dec 22nd, 2012

This may be of interest to those who are fans of David Weber or Baen Books.
A ponification of the Hell's Gate series. Just starting, and as of this writing has paragraphing problems, but looks promising.

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A snippet. · 9:05pm Jul 14th, 2012

Just an interesting little aside - how Trixie could have been a different Element.

“Anyone here from Manehattan?” Trixie asked, holding the microphone in one hoof.

Somepony in the audience cheered.

“Well, there goes half my material…” she said, grinning at the roar of laughter. “Please tell me there’s someone from Canterlot?”

Another cheer, this time from near the back.

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Just got back my pre-reader evaluation of Ponies in Space. · 5:18pm May 17th, 2012

(Warning: This blog post contains some annoyance)

So, I tried sending Ponies in Space to Equestria Daily to see what they thought. First time under the new system.

This is a list of the errors I was told I have.

-Dialogue punctuation
-Purple prose
-Block formatting (either have indents or line breaks for new paragraphs, preferably both)
-Exposition dumps
-Missing commas

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A pantheon of Ponies · 1:34pm May 16th, 2012

Just a little thing I made because of a combination of boredom and an Alicorn!Trixie picture. D&D format, comments and suggestions welcome. I really had to work to get even four Evil deities in there, and kind of cheated for one of them.
I don't think this counts enough as a story to go on the site proper.


Other titles
Divine class (Demi < Lesser < Intermediate < Greater)
Alignment (Lawful to Chaotic axis, then Good to Evil axis)

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