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Well, this a fan of MLP who has just started to watch the show. And I like what I see!


This story is a sequel to MLP Time Loops

The Infinite Loops (format first codified by Innortal on fanfiction.net). An endless recursion of time brought on when an unknown event happened to Yggdrasil, the World Tree computer that contains and runs the multiverse, forcing the various universes to be put in 'safe mode', time-looping until Yggdrasil can be repaired. Those aware of these Loops have been through much. There has been love, hate, loss, humor, and much, much more.

Now, in an event too large to be contained within the MLP Time Loops alone, one of the Loopers from Equestria's branch is getting married... to the Anchor of the Warhammer 40,000 branch.

This is the story of that wedding, and the chaotic events that come with it.

Author's note: Prior reading of the MLP Time Loops is heavily recommended. Spoilers for that fic abound, and associated terms will be used without explanation.

Primus scriptor: Evilhumour
Primus conpositor: Anon e Mouse Jr.
Secundus conpositor: Purrs
Tertius conpositor: The Infinite Loop Community

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7581469 I shall work as fast as I can to finish this Chapter off.

How long is this expected to be?

7581554 As this Chapter is going to be around twenty thousand words, and this is the shortest Chapter...A lot?

There are Six Chapter in total planed: Chapter One: Fall to Chaos, Chapter Two: War in Heaven, Chapter Three: The Long Night, Chapter Four: End Times, Chapter Five: Beginning of the End, Chapter Six: The End.

Chapter Five will be second shortest, but I will not post that one until all four previous chapter are posted.

WRT chapter 0, it's "veil" not "vail", Evil :derpytongue2:
Also, WOO! This is...how long in the making? One year? Two?
Love this, love you
(This is Purrs btw) :pinkiehappy:

7581759 I will say about two years, rounding up and it will be about the same time until I can post the green Complete bar under this story

Love you too and I will add you as Editor Seccundus, with the community being the third

You can add in all chapters to this here. Not doing so will more than likely make it not worth reading.

p.s. And this is a side story rather than a sequel as it occurs during those loops.

Really lovey dover from the silent knight verse?

7581982 All parts will be here( I don't know where Saph got that from) and I cannot make this labeled as a side story
She is from other works too, you know

Added to read later. I'm a couple of chapters behind on MLP Time Loops (I'll read this when I'm up to date on that), but I have enjoyed your 40k stuff in the past and I look forward to seeing where you go with this. :twilightsmile:


Sequel refers to the fact that it is a story based off another story that occurs after that story.

Prequel refers to the fact that it is a story based off another story that occurs before that story.

Side story refers to the fact that it is a story based off another story that occurs at the same time as another story.

Now, which description best describes this story?


And do you know that you CANNOT label a story a side-story here?

Hurry, the anticipation is agonising!

So, which chapter of the MLP time loops is this a sequel to? Also, keep up the good work!


No chapter in particular but set before Flurry Heart was born.

So this Loop could be viewed as the welcome to that season!

Just wondering if this was over or just on hiatus?

on hiatus while I work on my other work.

YES!! another chapter is revealed. I hope everything is going well for you IRL??
Whatever the case may be, please keep up the amazing work!! :pinkiehappy:


Oh you have not seen anything yet; in all honesty, this the quietest Chapter out of the Six Chapters.

Glad you're happy and yes, I am fine.

I am working on the next Part and the next Chapter. Currently, Chapter Four sits around 20,000 words but it is only two sixths complete with the Chapter Five at roughly 7,000 words and ninety five percent complete.

I am working

It's more so of a surprise that the chapter came out.

I thought that the yellow death occured.....

He's updated ten other stories (with 102 chapters) in the meantime. And that's just on this site. Trust me, he's been very much busy writing.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

Wow. I forgot how amazing of a writer you were!

Poor Lucky Shot, he's stuck being the guy in charge when more experienced ponies are quite willing to just walk over him. I can't wait to see how drunk he gets after all this is over. I can just see him pounding shots after he gets off duty and starting to get a twitchy eye whenever a looper gets near him.


That's not half of it; if you noticed, Twilight notes that the Loop is trying to set him up with her which won't end well.

Yeah, I really dislike that what should be a happy occasion for her is strained by something she can't argue with being a meddlesome busybody trying to set her up when all she wants to do is see her daughter get married.

"Ooooo, I can just taste the love lines in the air surrounding you!" the strange mare cooed, stealing a nuzzle before letting Twilight fall back to the earth. "My name is Lovey Dovey and next to Hearts and Hooves Day, this is one of the most romantic days in the entire year!" She then paused, tilting her head and tapping her chin. "Although there is Hearth's Warming day, and some find the Winter Moon Celebration to be just magical ..."

oh, i just remembered a silly story about a pony named Lovey Dovey who had a talent for reading ponies' "love lines" and helping them find their Soul Mates. but then she got one particular client she could not read at all...
you can probably guess how that turned out.

So, I noticed there's a Chapter Zero and a Chapter Three, but where are Chapters One and Two?


Those are meant to be the WH40K portions, which I am nowhere near ready to even start.

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