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Well, this a fan of MLP who has just started to watch the show. And I like what I see!


It's the day of the Royal Wedding, and just at the final moments of the battle with Chrysalis, Shining Armor and Cadence uses a love spell to repeal changelings and reveal exactly who was a fake. The revelations will turn everything in Equestria on it's head.

Obviously, the art is not mine, but from The Far Side comic. It was just perfect fit for this story

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Answer: Nope they are all changelings! You done screwed up Chryssy!:pinkiehappy::facehoof:

Chrysalis had a bunch of rebels.
Far away, in a small, sleepy town, one small newborn is the only pony in a world full of changelings...

4552662 Majorly.
4552710 Who knows? Maybe, just maybe.

Eh, seen it.

4553028 Can't remember off the top of my head. Came out shortly after the Season 2 finale so it's been quite awhile.

4553032 M'ok, just that I've not seen this done before, and I would be surprised if I was the first smart ass to do this

I'm sensing a Last Airbender twist here.
Except it's just the last pony.

4553063 If I get enough praises like that, I just might make another part to this.

Long ago, there used to be four ponies.

Earth ponies
Pegasi ponies
Unicorn ponies
And the alicorn ponies

Then one day it was revealed that they were all changelings, now it is time.

Time to find the REAL ponies

I - I just might make this!

Oh it's been done before I forgot what it was called but it was still funny the first time... nah still funy the second as well.:twilightsmile:

NO no no.

Earth ponies
Pegasi ponies
Unicorn ponies
and Alicorn ponies.

Then, everything got all fucked up, when the changelings attacked.
Then spaghetti went everywhere.

4553085 Thank you, I realized I couldn't be the first guy to think of this, but thank you for the kind words.
4553086 Too true, but now I am tempted, really, really tempted!

Yeah, but that would be hard to pull off without being to cliche.

4553131 I know; I'm racking my brain in thinking of how to write it!

There is a group for Avatar: The Last Airbender bronies.
Maybe seek help there? :trixieshiftright:

4553148 maybe, just maybe.

4553148 I would need a link

4553183 Thanks but it wouldn't really be a avatar the last air bender crossover story, just the lines making me think of it. Thank you again

No prob.
Still tho, my spaghetti is everywhere...

4553442 Well then what do you think you should do?

Go get a mop and clean up!


4553502 Ia Cthuhlu, you are right!

4553557 No virgins, they know nothing! Bring me your mares of the red light district!

The mares of the red light are filled with blue waffle plight.:moustache:

4553696 But they experience, as the Cthulhu stand I, I demand it.

I mean... *SMOKEBOOM*

That makes me think of Shadow Clone Jutsu. :pinkiesmile:
And now I'm off to watch Naruto. :flutterrage:

I was drawn in by the coverart (and by the way, you called it "The Far" in the description, but it's "The Far Side").

I've seen this idea done before, and to be honest, I've seen it done much better than this. Not that this was bad, it was just...plain, I suppose. Nothing too exciting or anything.

Also, I think your italics got a bit out of control in the last few paragraphs. :twilightsheepish:

4571408 Fair enough and I will check it out later

What, no one linked Changelings, Changelings, Everywhere? (I'm actually using it as the basis for one of my own stories, though I'm playing it dead straight.)

This is the second story I find around this particular premise, although the other one was a drama about everybody secretly being a changeling and being terrified of being discovered. Turns out that the only one who knows the truth is Luna, who also apparently is the last pony.

You mean the one where there was like, four different factions of Changelings that wanted to either conquer equestria or turn on the old hive (one group was called the New Larval Republic) and both Luna and Twilight were Changelings but none of them recalled what was done with the original Luna due to it having happened so long ago?

*Brings him Twilight Sparkle and The Pope*

4749434 Um, no. And the fact one of the factions is called the "New Larval Republic" makes me want to headbutt the author.

Yeah, I facepalmed over that, too.

These are the only ones you could find?


There was a story I read long ago where Celestia reveals to Twilight that she is the only real pony in Equestria and everyone else is secretly a Changling.

The kicker is that Celestia is trying to restore the pony races by mating Twilight to the only stallion left... who turns out to be Blueblood... :twilightoops:

... wish I could find that story again...

4842327 Find it! It must be found!



By a strange coincidence, that sounds a lot like one of my stories...


You might also be interested in Everyone's A Changeling which takes the concept even further than any other one that I've seen.

I also think you've forgotton to end an italics partway through your story, you might want to fix that...

4850174 I will look at the story and huh?

thanks I just fixed it up!

I read something similar a while ago. It was more of a follow up to the 'Canterlot Wedding'. Chrysalis intends to invade Ponyville and take it over, only as she reveals herself and her plan to Twilight Sparkle, ponies start changing into Changelings from different swarms, including Twilight Sparkle. Ends with the various factions trying to convince each other to join theirs. Very Keystone Coppish. :pinkiehappy:

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